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Frequently asked questions

Can sports equipment be transported by courier?

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How to transport sports equipment safely?

How to prepare sports equipment for transport?

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Safe transportation of sports equipment

Sports equipment is the most common equipment in the gym – treadmills, cross trainers, exercise machines etc. Sports equipment also includes surfboards, skis, snowboards, hockey equipment, golf equipment, fishing tackle, skateboards, inline skates, kitesurfing equipment, bowling equipment, parachuting equipment, diving equipment etc. In many cases, exercise equipment is heavy and difficult to transport on your own.

Before you decide to transport sports equipment, remember that it must be properly packed and secured during transportation. It is best to use the original packaging or bag. If your exercise equipment could be easily damaged during transportation, use materials such as cardboard, boxes, bubble wrap, polystyrene, old newspapers, stretch film and wrapping tape. If the exercise equipment consists of many elements, it should be disassembled and each element secured separately – especially when it has delicate, moving parts. Sports equipment must be stable inside the package, so make sure that the empty spaces in the box are filled with newspapers, polystyrene or bubble wrap. Items should not slide inside the box. Experienced transport companies can take care of professional transportation of sports equipment.