Clicktrans connects
individuals and businesses with transport providers.

The most popular loads shipped with Clicktrans are furniture, pallets and cars. Clicktrans is growing across Europe. The idea behind Clicktrans is to connect customers with transport providers who are already travelling the same route.

This means that a transport provider will fully utilise their vehicle and therefore avoid unnecessary CO2 emissions. Customers pay less than when hiring a transport company just for their load. It helps them to save up to 60% on transport.

Our mission

our mission

We support ecological road transport. By using Clicktrans you will have a real impact on the reduction of CO2 emissions. Since Clicktrans was founded, the combined efforts of our users have already saved 30 million kilos of CO2 emissions from entering the atmosphere. And this number is rising every day!

Clicktrans’ vision is supported by the National Centre for Research and Development. Funds from this organisation enable Clicktrans to revolutionize the process of listing transport services across Europe.

Our history

our history

Clicktrans’ founders are Michał Brzeziński and Agnieszka Korzeniewska. Clicktrans was founded in 2010 as the first Polish online marketplace for transport services.

Today, it is growing across Europe, with four websites dedicated to customers from the United Kingdom, Poland, Spain, Germany and Italy.

Additionally, the Clicktrans team shares tips and news about large-load shipments on our blog.




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