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Frequently asked questions

Can I have a piano delivered by courier?

What kind of pianos do we transport most often?

How to transport a piano or grand piano safely?

What should I look for when choosing a transport company to transport my piano or grand piano?

How do you secure a piano or grand piano before transport?

How to efficiently and economically organise piano transport?

Safe transportation of pianos

Pianos are exceptionally large musical instruments, and proper handling during transportation is a prerequisite to keep them sounding good and allow you to enjoy their sound for many years. The transportation of a piano is a project that should be entrusted to an experienced transport company. This way, the risk of damage to the instrument during transportation is minimised.

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Due to the weight, remember to determine whether you will be able to load and unload with a self-organised team, or whether this is to be handled by the transport company. In the second case, select a full service option. Transport companies, especially moving companies, have the experience and appropriate equipment to carry such a load, for example, to the required floor of the building. Despite the higher price for a full service, it is worth considering so as not to tire and damage the equipment. Pianos are items of considerable material and often sentimental value, so it is worth protecting them from damage.

Remember to protect the surface of the instrument to prevent it from being scratched in the vehicle or when carrying it. If you don't have the materials or don't want to do it yourself, the company can do this for you as well. Write about it in the announcement or in the message to the carrier – perhaps the shipping company will have the appropriate materials to secure the shipment.