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Transport jobs on Clicktrans transport marketplace


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Transport marketplace Clicktrans.com

Transport marketplace Clicktrans.com is an online auction website for transport jobs. Clicktrans.com is Poland's leading online transport marketplace, giving transport providers access to wide range of transport jobs grouped by categories as well as easy way to contact possible customers. Clicktrans.com serves as a base of active transport jobs (with the possibility to receive notifications every time an offer that meets given criteria appears). Online transport marketplace helps transport providers to get new transport jobs thanks to the use of free loads. It is worth to use Clicktrans.com especially if you are returning on an empty run or the cargo you are currently transporting leaves free space for some other load. This way you can help reduce the number of the empty runs. To start using Clicktrans as a transport provider, you just have to register on the website. The next step is to search for jobs on the route you will be travelling. After that - just quote on the offer you chose. When a customer accepts your quote, you will receive all the contact information via email. By completing a transaction, a transport provider can receive positive feedback and start building his company's reputation and credibility. Registration and access to the transport jobs is free of charge. 

Why use Clicktrans.com?

Solutions provided by Clicktrans.com helps transport providers to get new transport jobs. We are reducing the number of empty runs by using free loads. Clicktrans.com provides transport providers with constant and free access to transport jobs database. A transport job offer contains detailed description of the load, pictures, map of the route and distance - all of which makes it easier to choose the right offer to quote on. Clicktrans.com gives transport providers access to thousands of transport jobs on domestic and international routes. By using return routes to transport cargo, transport providers working with Clicktrans.com has helped to reduce the number of empty runs, which means reducing CO2 emitted by polish transportation by 35%.

What types of free cargo you can find on transport marketplace?

On transport marketplace you can find transport jobs for every type of cargo. Possible customers may post their listings within such categories as: furniture, removals, cars, motorcycles & scooters, other vehicles, freight, parcels, machinery & equipment, fragile goods, boats and such subcategories as: tractors & farm machinery, plant & construction, caravans, trailers, classic cars, bicycles, quad bikes, karts, snowmobiles, jet ski, airplanes, vehicle accessories & parts, less-than-truckload, full truckload, shipping container, delivery dump truck, industrial equipment, household appliances, consumer electronics, sport equipment, garden equipment, office supplies, pianos, glassware, antiques, art, pool tables, yachts, motorboats, kayaks, food, pets, passengers and other. The most popular transport jobs listed are: motorcycle transportation, furniture transportation, pallet transportation and car transportation. Removal marketplace is also very popular. The most of the transport jobs on Clicktrans.com are for loads weighting up to 3,5 t.

Industrial transportation

Machinery & equipment transportation is a category very popular with the customers. The cost of industrial transportation depends on the dimensions of the machinery, its weight, the lenght of the route and the need of using professional equipment during shipping. The most frequent routes in international transportation are those to UK and Germany.

Pallet transportation

Pallet transportation is a standard way of shipping heavier loads. Usually pallets are used as a firm base, on which smaller objects and packages can be piled. Pallets can be moved by a forklift. The cost of pallet transportation depends on the weight of the load. On Clicktrans.com the cargos which are longer than the pallet itself are a frequent occurance. 

Motorcycles & scooters transportation

A lot of transport providers specialise in motorcycle transportation - among their most frequent customers are professional motorcycle sellers and people who purchased a motorcycle or a scooter for personal use. Motorcycles can be transported in several ways: usually by a bus or on a car trailer. Also, there are trailers dedicated to motorcycle transportation - they are equipped with a fastening for a front wheel and a ramp. To find a motorcycle or a scooter transportation try online transport marketplace and choose a transport provider who will be travelling on the route you need anyway, so that your vehicle can be just a part of his load. 

Car transportation

When it comes to car transportation, the communication between the transport provider and the customer is crucial. It's vital to provide the hauler with all the information about the car - its dimensions, weight and its conditions - before the transportation. All of the defects and impairments should be written down before the job (it's also good to take pictures). Transporting a car requires preparing suitable documentation. In the EU countries the order and the CMR is usually enough. If you are transporting a brand new vehicle, it's best to attach a copy of the invoice as well as a copy of the registration document. A car transporter, a platform trailer or a lorry can be used to transport cars. Securing the cargo is crucial, because if secured incorrectly, a car can pose a real danger not only to the transport provider shipping it, but also to the others on the road. The cost of car transportation depends on the route length, the type and dimensions of the car, its technical condition and whether or not it is being transported as a free load.

How to find deliveries?

If you are looking for deliveries, just visit Clicktrans.com and choose 'Search deliveries'. In the left side menu you can choose needed category, like: furniture, removals, cars, motorcycles & scooters, other vehicles, freights, parcels, machinery and equipment, fragile goods, boats and so on. You can also search by location or by specific route and choose between domestic and international routes. You can also filter the listings by the weight of the cargo or by keywords.

Types of deliveries

Using Clicktrans.com transport marketplace gives you access to many different kinds of transport jobs. For example, one of the customer groups are trading companies. On Clicktrans.com you will also find offers for business shipping, usually for loads up to 3,5 t. Another group of customers looking for transportation are private individuals. Usually they need help with removals, furniture transportation, car transportation, motorcycle transportation, scooter transportation and all kinds of parcels. Usually this kind of cargo can be transported by bus as an additional load. Before quoting on such an offer, you should familiarize yourself with the description given by the customer - whether or not the customer requires help with loading and unloading etc. Such help affects the price - requiring transportation with loading and unloading can increase the cost of the service even by 20%.  

Delivery destinations

According to the Clicktrans removal report, Poles most frequently hire furniture transportation on routes: Poland - UK (61,7%), Poland - Germany (14,8%), Poland - France (3,2%), Poland - Netherlands (3,1%) and Poland - Spain (2,5%). When it comes to returning to Poland, the most popular routes are: UK - Poland (50,7%), Germany - Poland (19,6%) , France - Poland (3,2%), Netherlands - Poland (3,1%) and Spain - Poland (2,5%). Among the domestic routes, the most frequent destinations are: Warsaw, Cracow, Wroclaw, Gdańsk and Gdynia.

Transportation prices

Transportation prices are affected by the type of the cargo, its dimensions and weight as well as by whether or not you require help with loading and unloading. Sample offers for car transportation:  Audi A4 from Worms (Germany) to Mińsk Mazowiecki for £313 Car from Nantes (France) to Przeworsk for £584 Sample offers for motorcycle and scooter transportation: BMW R100S from London (UK) to Berlin (Germany) for £178 Leonart Spyder from Teramo (Italy) to Lüdenscheid, (Germany) for £209 Sample offers for removals: Personal belongings from Bydgoszcz (Poland) to Birmingham (UK) for £313 3 boxes, few bags, bike, computer, books, clothes, 1 small bedside table from Cracow (Poland) to Bucharest (Romania) for £399

Contact with the customer

Before you decide to quote on a transport job offer, it's good to contact the customer first, via messages on Clicktrans.com. The customer will receive an email notification about your message. Before transaction, you can communicate via Clicktrans. After accepting your quote, the customer will receive your contact details.

To receive all the details about the transport job, ask the customer. It's best to clear any doubts before transaction. 

1. Questions about the load Before placing a quote, choose 'Ask question' on the page of the offer you're interested in (in lower part of the offer page). Here, you can ask specific questions about the dimensions and weight of the load as well as dates of the loading and unloading.

2. Messages about transport job: You may have additional questions after placing a quote. To ask them, go to the offer's page, expand your quote and choose 'Send message'.

Every message that you've sent or received can be found in My Account tab, under 'Messages'. Contact details will be available to both parties after transaction.

Transport jobs delivery

The number of acquired transport jobs depends on quality of your transport provider profile page, the feedback from previous customers and the type of insurance you have. Acquiring first transport job usually takes place after making about 10 quotes. After the customer accepts your quote, you should take care of proper documentation. Among them is a waybill, which contains sender contact details, loading and unloading addresses and details concerning the package itself. All the additional agreements concerning the shipment are laid down in a waybill. Another needed documentation (provided the load will be transported on an international route) is CMR waybill. It should contain contact details of the sender and the recipient as well as dates and addresses of loading and unloading. Make sure that information about the transport price, list of received documents and instructions for the custom clearance were also included.  The shipping contract is a document signed by both the customer and the transport provider or the correspondence between both parties. The shipping contract should contain details concerning shipping route, the load and price of the service as well as the extent of transport provider's liability and price list for additional services. When choosing a transport job, pay attention to priority of the load. Transport jobs that have to be completed within a short period of time, will be labeled as 'Urgent'. It is worth to quote on offers that has been upgraded - you will find them on the top of the listing. To choose the right customer, look at the icons located by the login of a customer: parcel icon means that the customer has completed at least 2 transactions before, which increases the chances of him accepting a quote by 45%. Phone icon means that Clicktrans.com support team is in contact with the customer. This also gives you better chance of getting your quote accepted. This customer has listed at least 2 loads before. This means increasing a chance of him accepting your offer by 15%.