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We connect businesses with transport providers who are already travelling the same route.

Tell us what you want to ship and we will find the best transport provider for your delivery.
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List your item for free. Listing an item<br>
only takes a minute. List your item for free. Listing an item
only takes a minute.
Get quotes. Soon you will receive<br>
your first quotes. Get quotes. Soon you will receive
your first quotes.
Choose the best quote. Review customer feedback,<br>
accept the best quote,<br>
and that’s it! Choose the best quote. Review customer feedback,
accept the best quote,
and that’s it!

More than a regular transport marketplace

Transport services
optimized for
your business.

With Clicktrans you don’t need your own vehicle fleet to make sure your loads will be transported safely and on time. By choosing a transport provider who will be travelling on the route you need anyway, you will also help to reduce empty runs and CO2 emissions.

Why choose Clicktrans?


A Clicktrans account gives you access to 48,000 transport providers. Only verified transport companies will be able to quote on your listings. Review customer feedback to find the transport provider best suited to your business.


You don’t have to search for a transport provider – just wait for quotes from transport companies. This is especially convenient when you only need shipping from time to time and on a variety of routes. You don’t need to order a long-term service. Listing an item only takes a minute. No unnecessary calls and emails.


List your item for free. There is no subscription fee for using Clicktrans. Choose a company that’s going there anyway. Save on transportation with partial loads.

and domestic transportation

Clicktrans gives you access to transport providers in the United Kingdom and all over Europe. Ship everything your business needs: pallets, full truckloads, large loads with irregular shapes and dimensions, cars, and much more. With Clicktrans you can ship the things a courier won’t take.

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