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Can I order the transportation of agricultural machinery by courier?

What agricultural machines do we transport most often?

What to look for when looking for a transport company to transport agricultural machinery?

How is agricultural machinery transported?

How to secure agricultural machinery before transport?

How to efficiently and economically organise tractor & farm machinery transport?

Safe transportation of agricultural machinery

The transportation of agricultural machinery can be classified as oversized cargo. Therefore, it is very important to find a professional company that provides this type of transport service.

Often transported are new or used tractors, agricultural trailers and harvesters. These are expensive pieces of equipment that require protection in transit. Smaller agricultural machines are usually transported using standard semi-trailers; for larger ones, a low-loader transport is recommended. This type of transport is legally regulated and requires good route preparation and an experienced carrier. All bridges, roundabouts, viaducts and high curbs are serious obstacles in the low-bed transportation of agricultural machinery. If you are looking for a company to transport tractors, combine harvesters, tractors or other agricultural machinery, just list your items and describe all machines and their parameters. The more information you provide, the sooner you will find a carrier with the right vehicles for transporting agricultural machinery. In the announcement, specify the route, the preferred date and any important information that may affect the final price of the service. It is worth making sure that the carrier has good reviews from other users on the website and whether they have appropriate experience. If you entrust the transportation of agricultural machinery to a good carrier, the entire operation will run smoothly and without complications.