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Can I have a pallet transported by a courier?

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How are pallets transported?

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Pallet transportation in England and abroad

Pallets are a great way to transport large-size shipments. A pallet is a platform where smaller packages and items can be easily transported. Pallet transportation is the most frequently chosen method of transporting heavier loads, especially those weighing several dozen or even several hundred kilograms. If we want to transport a bulky, heavy load, the safest and most convenient way is to put it on a pallet. Wooden pallets as well as plastic and metal pallets are used in transport services. Pallets can be used for many years, but it is important to look after them as they can become damaged over time. Pallets are lifted using special pallet trucks.

The Euro-pallet, also known as the EURO pallet, EPAL pallet or EURO EPAL pallet, is the leader in pallet transportation. The standard Euro pallet measures 800 x 1200 x 150 mm and is made of wood.

The price of pallet transportation depends on many factors. One is the length of the route and whether it is international or domestic transport. Another important factor affecting the transport destination is the number of pallets and the weight of the load.

In order to transport goods on pallets, it is enough to list your items with the route, the weight of the load and the number of pallets. You can also provide a specific date of transportation or choose a flexible date. Carriers on the same route can take pallets as an added load, which significantly reduces transport costs.