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List your item

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Compare shipping quotes

You will receive quotes from transport providers who are going there anyway. Thousands of couriers compete with each other for your transport job!

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Choose the best quote

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How much can you save using

The average cost of transportation of a Honda CL 450 motorcycle from London to Dortmund is about €0.40/km, which gives a total of around €250.

With Clicktrans the motorcycle was transported by a company that was doing the same route anyway but had extra room for one motorcycle.

The price was €160, so almost 40% less.

How much can you save using Clicktrans?

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  • Save up to 60%
  • List your items for FREE
  • Only verified transport providers


Michael K.

Immediately got three quotes, all lower than from the auction house where I had bought some items. I was very happy with the company I chose for my transport. Everything well packed and delivered in time.

David F.

Used the website once and everything worked out perfectly! I got in contact with awesome honest transporters.

Panos K.

Great service - Puts you in contact with some very good and reliable delivery companies, that otherwise you wouldn't had discovered. Very competitive prices also.

Sgt. McCloud

Clicktrans is a perfect platform, that allows people without experience to organize transportation Europe wide at very good conditions.


Yes! Thousands of people have used Clicktrans and saved over €59M already. By choosing our services you can pay up to 60% less for transportation.

Clicktrans allows you to list virtually anything, regardless of the size or weight of the load. You can ship across the UK or all over Europe.

90% of requests receive the first free quotes in less than an hour. In order to receive all of the best quotes, please allow 1–2 days for them to come in.

No, all quotes you receive are non-obligatory; you do not have to accept any of them.

Most requests receive at least 3–4 free quotes. There are almost 83,000 companies registered with Clicktrans competing to provide you with the best quote. When you have received one that suits you, it's best to accept it quickly before the provider withdraws it!

All transport providers are verified by Clicktrans. Plus, they receive feedback after each transaction. By choosing a company with positive ratings you can guarantee your items are in the right hands! 97% of happy Clicktrans users can't be wrong!