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Perfect business with punctual and nice driver and accurate delivery.
Fahrrad x 6
Customer Sandris V. ,
Route: Six-Fours-les-Plages - Berlin
All my stuff arrived perfectly. Steve is a very good professional!
Xiaomi Mi Essential Electric Scooter
Customer Istvan B. ,
Route: Dublin - Viseu
Very happy with mister Chris's service. Trustworthy person, punctual and focused to give the best costumer service possible. Fair quotation. Recommend to anyone in need.
Audi A4
Customer Chris V. ,
Route: Saint-Lô - Southampton
Ioannou was very receptive to my conditions. He is very personable. A optimistic happy chap. He’s one of does guys you want as a friend. I’ll be using Ioannou in all my transporting needs from here on in.
Bultaco Brinco S x 1, Honda Montesa Cota 300RR x 1
Customer Ioannou D. ,
Route: Igualada - Harmanli
I got in contact with Rafal on Mon eve. The contact was super quick. Car was taken from garage the next afternoon and he was extremely helpful. Great to have reliable people around when you are stuck. He even went out of his way when I changed location.5*
Volkswagen Golf
Customer Rafal Z. ,
Route: Blackrock - Keekill Cottages
Very nice contact. Pick up and delivery on time without problems.
Opel Vivaro
Customer Vaidas G. ,
Route: Grentheville - Dahlem
Process was smooth and straight forward. Delivery was slick and the driver was extremely polite. Item was well protected and secured during transit. Communication between company and driver to customer could be improved but still a good reasonably priced
Ducati 848
Customer Sandris V. ,
Route: York - Lago Patria

Tips for preparing for transportation

Garden equipment transportation is among the most common kinds of transportation that we may need in our life. Some garden equipment – usually minor equipment (for example rakes, scissors and so on) – you may easily transport in your car booth or even on the backseat. Things get a bit more complex when you need to ship any garden supplies bigger in dimensions and heavyness, for example a mower.

Shipping a lawnmower seems to be a pretty straightforward job. If you possess a car that’s spacious enough, you most likely are considering shipping it on your own. Shipping a mower by yourself is obviously doable however it takes some knowledge as well as preparation. First of all, you have to drain the machine from all the fluids. Flooding spark plugs with fuel can lead to serious damage. Even after you empty the mower from all the liquids, it is good to transport a mower upright. It is also crucial to ship a lawnmower in a container that’s as close to its dimensions as possible. If you can, you should ship it in its original packaging (it’s closely adjusted to its dimensions), however if you no longer have it, any container will do, assuming its size is right. The general rule is that after placing the lawnmower in a cardboard, there should be little to none free space left. Use foam chips or newspapers to fill the free space (it will help to absorb any shocks during shipment).

There is garden equipment that is much too large to ship it on your own. So if you have to ship e.g. a tractor mower, you’ll require assistance from an expert transport provider – someone who has both knowledge as well as a car needed to safely ship your garden equipment. Using a shipping company can be quite costly, but fortunately it’s not the only place where you can get a professional transport provider. To find professional shipment in reasonable price, try using a transport marketplace, like Clicktrans.

You may list your delivery for free and gather quotes from transport providers from different places of Europe. If any of the haulers are going to travel on similar route to the route you need, your delivery can be a part of his load, which will help to lower the price of the shipment significantly.  Furthermore using a transport marketplace to find a hauler will allow you to communicate directly with the person who is going to be transporting your garden equipment. That way you can discuss all the details of the transport job and make sure, that your cargo will be shipped harmlessly.

When it comes to shipping garden equipment, protection against atmospheric conditions is of less importance as garden equipment is obviously dedicated for outdoor work. What is crucial whenever transporting garden machinery, is making sure that the load is protected against mechanical damages. If your garden machinery is too big to place it inside a box, you may use some Styrofoam, bubble wrap or even pieces of cloths to wrap the most fragile elements such as blades and every element that protrudes from the equipment.

When choosing the right transport provider it is of course good to check out reviews given by previous customers. Also when you have to transport some bigger, costly garden equipment it is good to find out if the transport provider you are thinking about has carrier liability insurance. Thanks to that should anything happen to your cargo during shipment, you will receive some compensation.

What else you have to bear in mind when shipping garden equipment? If your equipment is powered by electricity, remember to wait couple of hours after transportation before you start using it again. It’s particularly significant when the garden equipment is shipped in lower temperatures (close to sub-zero temperatures). 

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