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Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to have a motorcycle or scooter transported by a courier?

What motorcycles and scooters do we transport most often?

What should I look for when looking for a transport company to transport my motorbike and scooter?

How to transport motorbikes and scooters safely?

What do you need to bear in mind before transporting your motorbike and scooter?

How to efficiently and economically organise motorcycle & scooter transport?

Transportation of motorcycles and scooters

Motorcycles and scooters are valuable cargo that can be quite difficult to secure during transportation. However, if the transport company has the appropriate experience, a motorcycle or scooter will definitely survive the transportation without a single scratch.

The safe transportation of a motorcycle or scooter relies, among other things, on the correct mounting. This depends on the way the bike is transported. If the motorcycle or scooter is transported on a trailer, lashing straps will be needed. It is important that the belts for transporting a motorcycle or scooter are not ended with the so-called "open" hook that can become detached during shocks.

Transport companies also transport motorcycles and scooters in closed vans. During such transportation, the bike must be secured against hitting the walls of the vehicle and other transported objects. Before starting transportation, it is worth emptying the fuel tank to avoid spilling it during the route.

Transport companies transport both new and used motorcycles and scooters. It is also common for the increasingly popular electric scooters to require transportation.

To transport a motorcycle or scooter, the best solution is to list an item and provide a detailed description of the bike. Companies specialising in the transportation of scooters and motorcycles will offer their services.