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Even though there are more and more delivery companies, shipping parcels is problematic. In addition, it may be extremely costly. Commonly that happens when you want to ship something internationally. In that case prices offered by delivery companies are simply unbeneficial. Occasionally the issue could be additionally the size or mass of the package. Massive or irregularly shaped stuff is more difficult to transport hence couple companies simply won’t ship your package. This is the reason why the greatest alternative for parcel delivery is Clicktrans – an online marketplace for shipping. Thanks to Clicktrans you will find thousands of couriers who will deliver your freight no matter the size or distance to cover. Haulers on Clicktrans travel internationally and what is more they are verified. Clicktrans gives you certainty that your parcel is in good hands.

Preparation for package shipping

Every load ought to be wrapped with caution. Careful packaging doesn’t take too much time and guarantees that your freight will stay in the same condition on the road. Be aware that this is your responsibility as a service buyer to make ready a package for transportation. However, you might hire a courier to arrange it on your behalf if you simply don’t feel like doing it. Haulers provide best knowledge and know the ways to deal with different kinds of cargo.

The most common way to prepare a parcel packaging is to use a cardboard. You can use cardboard that was used before, if it isn’t damaged. You may as well visit a local grocery shop to get some boxes free of charge. Stores generally throw away cardboard anyway. Naturally, there is an option to purchase a packaging online or at a hardware store close by. 

If you decide to use an used cardboard, ensure that there are no signs or stickers on it. You must get rid of any information that could confuse a hauler and leave only information about the delivery.

The size of the cardboard should be relatively similar to the size of your cargo. It is not effective to use too big box due to the fact that then you ought to put fillers inside. If not, load could get destroyed. On the other hand, you cannot use too small box because your stuff can’t be squeezed inside. That would significantly destroy them.

Small or delicate things must be wrapped with extra attention. Fragile goods are especially china, ceramics but also electronics or mirrors. Preparing that type of cargo is significant. The most popular way is to wrap everything with bubble insulation. Wastepaper or textiles would work fine as well. As fillers you should use Styrofoam, some fabrics, wastepaper or sponges. You may also buy foam chips.

The final step is to strongly tape a box to close it. When it comes to parcels you shouldn’t use string because it’s not as durable as a tape. It may be too delicate and as a result it won't be able to secure your cargo.

In case you have plenty packages to ship (e.g. during office removal), sign each of the cardboards. It makes it easier to unpack things after the removal. It is also important to have information about which boxes contain delicate cargo. You are supposed to put special label on or just write down the specific data on boxes. 

Cost of parcel shipment

Every transport job must be priced individually because a lot conditions influence the final offer. Happily on Clicktrans you only have to list your load (without charge) and wait a few hours to receive first bids. That is a quick method to receive offers from haulers. The cost of delivery might hing on the amount of parcels, the weight or date of pick-up. As an example delivery during holidays or Saturday could be high-priced. 

Below you will find cost of various types of parcel transportation:

The delivery of 1 parcel (28 kg) from Wakefield, United Kingdom to Rybnik, Poland. Distance: 1927. Price: £50

1 package delivered from Skipton, UK to Warsaw, Poland. Weight: 25 kg. Distance: 1980 km Price: £60

Ten packages delivered from Leicester, England to Cracow, Poland. Weight around 659 lbs. Distance: 1803 km Cost: £157