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Great service! Tom was very attentive, answered me quickly, and delivered everything on time. I even sent him to the wrong address by accident and still, he was patient, called me, and we figured everything out. Thanks very much!
Customer Tom D. ,
Route: Amstelveen - Leuven
They were amazing; quick and reliable service. I’ll give them 100%
Honda SH 150
Customer Sandris V. ,
Route: Barcelona - Norwich
Due to unforeseen visa delays from my side we have been unable to complete the job. Mr Angelopoulos has been professional throughout our discussions and attempted planning. Our quote and plan was all going great. Hopefully soon we will get back to him.
Personal furniture and household belongings, around 28 m3 x 100
Customer Angelopoulos V. ,
Route: Berlin - Ruislip
Many thanks for your service which helped us to choose a transport company. We are happy that choose Jack E., he is very good. We communicated with him, discussed the details and timetable. All goes well. Highly recommend him!
Armchair x 4
Customer Jack E. ,
Route: London - Girona
Excellent professional company, with a great warm attitude from the start to finish.Highly recomend the company and wouldn't hesitate using again. Thank you so much Maria and Victor.Cheers Ray.
Boxes 1–5, Workout bench x 1, Large TV (40"+) x 1, Gas barbeque x 1, Dishwasher x 1, Fridge freezer
Customer Maria P. ,
Route: Munich - Branishte
Delivery of a bike from Southampton (UK) to a place near Mainz (D) for 90 EUR. Given that Andrei was fast, friendly, reliable and the bike was in perfect shape upon delivery, that was a good price.
1 bicycle
Customer Andrei I. ,
Route: Southampton - Zotzenheim
Very efficient and reliable. I would certainly use again.
Volkswagen Golf
Customer Antonio C. ,
Route: Munich - Lisbon

Tips for preparing for transportation

How to arrange bike shipping

Bikes are usually shipped due to removals or vacations. In many cases people want to ship bicycle across the globe to have bike adventures in new environment. No matter the reason or distance of the shipping, there are a few steps that make the shipping easier. The simplest way to achieve that is hiring an experienced hauler that will take a special care of your precious load. You will find lots of haulers on – online marketplace for transport services. You simply must list your load then add all essential details about the expected service such as: place of arrival and delivery, dates and weight of the load. Listing is at no cost and takes less than 5 minutes.

A transport provider chosen by you will come for your load when it is convenient for you and deliver the bicycle across Europe. You simply must be sure that your bicycle is ready for the transportation. If you don’t want to have this on your mind – you may as well hire a hauler to deal with that for you.

Getting ready a bike for shipment with a transport provider

When you intend to ship a used bicycle, you have to get it ready for the delivery. Of course, it is possible to do it by yourself, however you ought to plan it with caution. Well-packed cargo ensures that your bike will be safe during shipping. Let’s keep in mind that there are many bumps on the road that can affect a bike. Especially if you transport a bike at long distance.

Firstly, find a box that is of a similar size to your bike. The best way is to use the original box given by the bike producer. If you lost or threw away that packaging, you may quickly purchase a new box at hardware shops or online.

Before putting a bike in a box, remove all the moving things that could be easily ruined during transportation. Dismantle things like: chain, lamps or belt. Handlebar must be positioned in parallel with the frame. What is more, it’s essential to move the saddle down. All removed parts put with caution in a separate smaller boxes. Don’t lose any part! Wrap handlebar and saddle with bubble insulation or just with a textile found around you – the second method is definitely more green.

After placing the bicycle in a cardboard use fillers for extra safety. Things like waste-paper, materials or air pillows are definitely the best fillers. Fillers will ensure that bicycle will stay motionless on the road. Close the box with a strong strip to make sure that your load will stay in one place.

Transporting a bicycle in a plane

Some people transport a bicycle in a plane. Before you even start to consider that, check the airlines policies and costs regarding freight transportation. It may not be the cheapest way of shipping.

Moving a bike in a car

When you possess a vehicle, there is an opportunity to ship a bike by yourself. Although, it is not a simple task, it could be done. Nevertheless it is more convenient to hire a hauler, particularly when you want to transport freight at long distance.

The boot of a car is a space where you may ship a sport equipment. Of course, it is possible when you possess a mid-size or big car. Alas, you have to dissemble all parts of a bike to pack them with safety in the trunk. Another disadvantage of that way is that your load will very likely take up all the space in the boot which is not convenient in case you plan a trip and must take other baggage.

This is the reason why many people try to transport a bike on a roof rack. It helps to save some space in the vehicle as well offers a chance to ship more than one bicycle. However it is not as suitable at long-distance. Yet, when you go for it, choose the roof rack wisely as well as install it according to the installation guide. It will not only protect the bike from danger but also your passengers! Bike should stay still on a roof rack. During a delivery you have to stop if you hear any noises or movements above you. It is crucial to remember that the safety of another drivers and passengers in other cars is also on the line.

The prices for delivering a bike with a hauler

The cost of bike transportation depends on many different factors. First of all, essential is the distance to cover by a transport provider. The amount of bikes, the size or date of shipping matter as well. On Clicktrans you can get attractive offers from haulers from European countries due to the fact they can take your bike as an extra load while they are going to the same destination anyway. That is beneficial for both sides and helps to avoid empty runs. Finally, it influences transport to be more ecological in a really simple way.

Below you will have a chance to know some prices for bike shipping with Clicktrans:

Shipping 1 bicycle from Halifax, United Kingdom to Chojnice, Poland. Number of km: 1816 Cost: £45

Transporting one bike from London, UK to Amsterdam, Netherlands (545 km). Cost: £35

Transportation of 1 bike from Dublin, Ireland to Warsaw, Poland on a distance of 2226 kilometers. Price: 54 GBP

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