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A lawnmower is an essential piece of equipment for anyone with a garden or allotment.Sometimes it is necessary to transport a lawnmower to another location, for example after a purchase or sale. Here are a few tips to help you transport your lawnmower anywhere with ease. You will also learn how to prepare your mower for transport.

Methods for transporting mowers by road

Transporting a lawnmower by land can be done in different ways depending on the size and type of lawnmower and the distance the lawnmower is to be transported. Here are some methods of transporting mowers and tips for each:

Passenger car with trailer:

- For small to medium-sized mowers: If you have a car trailer, you can place the mower on it after securing it with the appropriate straps.

- Tips: Make sure the mower is well secured against movement. Switch off the power (if it's a fuel mower, close the fuel valve).

Commercial vehicle:

- If the mower is quite small, it can be transported in a van.

- Tips: Lay the mower flat, preferably on a blanket or mat to avoid damage. Secure it with straps.

Truck with semi-trailer:

- For large mowers, utility machines or large area lawn mowers.

- Tips: Make sure the machine is well secured against movement. For very large machines, you may need a crane for loading and unloading.

In summary, transporting a lawnmower by land requires proper planning and preparation. Choosing the right method of transport depends on the size of the mower and the distance to be travelled.

How to prepare the mower for transport?

Preparing the mower for transport is crucial to ensure its safety and to avoid possible damage or leaks. Here are specific tips for preparing your mower for transport:

Clean the mower:

Thoroughly clean the mower of grass, leaves and other debris before you transport it. You can use a brush, blower or compressor to do this.

Fuel and oil:

If your mower is petrol powered, empty the fuel tank or leave a minimal amount of fuel in it. Make sure all tanks (fuel, oil) are well sealed to avoid leaks during transport.


If the mower is equipped with a battery, disconnect it. Secure the terminals to avoid accidental short-circuiting.

Sharp components:

If the mower has blades or other sharp parts, protect them properly, e.g. with bubble wrap, cardboard or fabric.

Folding the handle:

If possible, fold the handle of the mower to reduce its size and make it easier to transport.

Securing moving parts:

Secure all moving parts of the mower, such as wheels, handles or levers, using adhesive tape, straps or rope.


If you have the original packaging of the mower, it is best to transport it in this. If not, secure it with bubble wrap, cardboard or other cushioning material.

Securing in the vehicle:

Once the mower is in the vehicle, make sure it is well secured against movement. Use straps, rope or other means of securing it.


If you are sending the mower by courier or transport, include any necessary documentation such as the owner's manual, warranty or purchase invoice.

In summary, careful preparation of the mower for transport is essential to ensure its safety and to avoid possible damage. If you are unsure how to secure a particular model of lawnmower, it is worth consulting your owner's manual or the manufacturer.

What should I consider when choosing a transport company to transport my mower?

Choosing the right transport company to transport your lawnmower is key to ensuring it is transported safely and efficiently. Here are factors to consider when choosing a transport company:

Experience and specialisation:

Choose companies that have experience in transporting gardening equipment or machinery. Specialisation in a particular field may indicate greater competence in transporting lawnmowers safely.

Company reputation:

Check reviews and recommendations from other customers. Reviews can be helpful in assessing the quality of service offered by a company.


Make sure the transport company offers carriage insurance. In the event of any damage or other problems, insurance provides certainty to cover losses.

Types of vehicles:

Find out what kind of vehicles the company has. Do they have appropriately equipped vans, platform trucks or other specialised vehicles for transporting machinery?

Flexibility: It is a good idea to choose a company that offers flexibility in pick-up and delivery dates and times.


It is important that the company offers clear and effective communication. Do they have an easily accessible contact? Do they respond quickly to questions and concerns?

Price: Compare the prices of different transport companies. While price is an important factor, don't be driven solely by it. Often quality goes hand in hand with price, so consider whether the cheapest quote will provide the right safety standards.

Additional services:

Some companies offer additional services such as packing, loading or unloading. If you're unsure how to secure your lawnmower, it's worth choosing a company that can help you with this process.


Always read the transport contract before signing it. Make sure it contains all the necessary information, including insurance terms, delivery times, costs and other important points.


What are the most popular mower models?


- The LC 247S is a motorised mower, ideal for medium to large gardens.

- The LC 141C model is a non-drive electric mower.


- Model RMA 443 C is a battery-powered mower with drive.

- The RM 248 model is a petrol mower, suitable for small to medium-sized gardens.


- The Rotak 32 model is a compact electric mower, perfect for smaller gardens.

- The Rotak 43 LI model is a cordless mower suitable for larger areas.


- The HRX 476 QX model is a petrol driven mower with a high capacity and mulching function.

- The HRG 416 PK model is a simpler non-drive petrol model.

Briggs & Stratton:

- Although they are better known for making lawnmower engines, they also have their own lines of mowers that are popular.


- The Highline 523 VS model is a petrol mower with drive and mulching function.

- The Comfort 40 E model is an electric mower for smaller areas.


- The DLM380Z model is a cordless mower known for its reliability and durability.


- The PowerMax 1200/32 model is an electric mower designed primarily for smaller gardens.

John Deere:

- Although better known for their large agricultural machinery, they also offer lawn mowers that are highly regarded, especially in the US.


- The Smart 42 PO model is a petrol mower with a robust design and good performance.

It is worth mentioning that the popularity of individual models and brands of lawn mowers can change over time depending on technological innovations, marketing campaigns and user feedback. Therefore, it is advisable to read current reviews and rankings of mowers available on the market before making a purchase.