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Transport and ecology

Transport is responsible for 25% of European emissions of greenhouse gases (including CO2).

The UK is responsible for the fifth highest amount of road freight transport out of all countries in the EU. It ships one of the highest tonnages within the EU.

Transport is the second largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in the European Union, after the energy sector. Industry is only in 4th place.

Every 4th road freight journey in the UK travels with zero cargo, needlessly emitting CO2.

Road freight transport can be more eco-friendly

Make a change with Clicktrans

How does Clicktrans work? It connects people in need of transportation with transport providers who are already driving the same route and are able to transport your freight. This results in a reduction in CO2 emissions. Nowadays more than 1/4 of vehicles in the EU return without any load! You can help to change that.

Your load doesn’t have to be shipped alone in a huge van. It can be added to loads that are already being transported by a courier. This means that a transport provider will fully utilise his vehicle and you will pay less than you would hiring a transport company just for your load.

What does shipment with Clicktrans mean?

Eco-friendly or economical? You don’t have to choose

You save money when your freight is a part of full-loaded truck.
Fully loaded trucks result in a smaller number of delivery vehicles on the roads.
Less vehicles means less greenhouse gas emissions, including CO2.
Fully loaded vehicles give haulers a chance to earn extra money.

Form new habits

What can you do to make your delivery more eco-friendly?

Do online shopping mindfully – order things from abroad only when you really need them. As many as 3.5 billion parcels are shipped to the UK every year. Many of them are from abroad. Bear in mind that 1 parcel air-shipped from China (e.g. from one of the popular online shops) emits about 900 kg CO2.

Pack your loads using eco-friendly materials. None of the plastic items produced on Earth have decomposed yet. For example, it takes 400 to 1000 years for plastic bags to decompose. This means that the current generation is creating waste for at least 16 future ones.

Choose couriers that will take your load as an extra load.

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