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Had a move of 20 m3 furniture, packages and bicycles from nothern germany to Greece. Transport service was very good. Litt delay due to boarder queues. Mr.Vasileios works thoroughly and is very kind. For future transports we would ask Mr.Vasileios again.

Umzugskisten 21–30

Nice and clean transport, no problems, highly recommendable. Trustworthy and overall nice contact

BMW 3 Series

Great service, great price, friendly driver. I would recommend this service to someone else.

BMW 3 Series

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Tips for preparing for transportation

How to organize a removal?

Moving to a new house is among the most common happenings we can come across in our days. And despite the fact we move averagely a few times in our lifetime, removals are still among the most nerve-wracking happenings that can happen to us. Just working out the logistics of shipping all your belongings between houses is an enormous job and with securing your belongings for transportation, unpacking as well as choosing the best company to assist you with removal, it becomes really huge as well as quite nerve-wracking. Fortunately there are a few ways to make the move as efficient as possible as well as significantly less stressful.

Packing and securing your belongings for transportation

The most important thing you have to remember while preparing for the removal is that you should create a coherent list of steps that you’ll have to abide by during the move. It is best to make an inventory of all the things you need to transport. Such a list can not only make the packing easier but additionally will allow you to make sure that all your belongings were successfully shipped to its place of destination. Removal entails transporting a great deal of various items, among them a lot of small items that can be easily forgettable under the pressure of time – an inventory will ensure that you will remember to make sure they all made it to your new home safely. Another crucial step is labelling all the cardboards as clearly as you can. One of the more helpful ways of tagging cardboards is by the room name. So all the kitchen accessories as well as appliances should be placed into cardboards tagged ‘kitchen’, all the duvets and blankets in the cardboards labelled ‘bedroom’ etc. You’ll be surprised how much time labelling can save once you start the unpacking. Remember to label both sides and the top of the cardboard, so that you (as well as the transport provider) will be able to recognize which cardboard goes where, regardless of how they will be stacked inside the shipping car.

Take special care with delicate things. Wrap them in protective layers of fabric or bubble wrap and label them clearly (together with a “This way up” label). You should also ensure that the transport provider knows that he’ll be transporting delicate load and which boxes have to be handled with caution.

When you are shipping furniture, it’s important to empty them before the removal and ship all the things inside separately. Any loose items in cupboards and cabinets can damage your furniture during shipment. Additionally it is good to secure all the furniture doors and drawers with some tape so that they cannot open during transportation. You can use regular Scotch tape for that. Another issue is the matter of loading the furniture into the shipping car. Before trying to move your furniture from the house, be certain that you’ll be able to transport them through the front doors, stairways and into the elevator (if your old apartment has one). If so, you can transport them without dismantling (be sure to have at least one person to assist you!). If they can’t, disassembling them is the only way to move them without harm. Be careful with that – be sure to store all the nails as well as screws in one place like in a Ziploc bag as well as that you’ve secured delicate parts of the furniture sufficiently. Disassembling furniture is also smart whenever you want to use the shipping car to the maximum, because disassembled furniture will be much easier to stack efficiently.  

When securing minor items, like books, tableware, decorations

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