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I'm searching for easy ways to safely transport untypical items. I would like to prove to all our readers that - after some preparations - you can transport just about anything. No matter what the courier says.

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how to transport paintings 0

How to organise transportation of a painting

In this article you will find all the basic info about transporting work of art – how to prepare it for shipping and what you should know before selecting a transport provider. We asked...

how much does it cost to transport car parts 0

How much does it cost to transport car parts?

Among the most frequently transported car parts you’ll find bumpers, fenders, engines, car body parts and car seats. Before transporting, you should wrap your cargo in stretch foil. Additionally it is a good idea to...

how to transport a pool table 10

Moving a pool table – how to do it

Moving a pool table is a tricky job – most of the items we transport are either big or fragile, rarely both. And a pool table is just that – both. Shipping a pool...


How to move a dishwasher

Transporting domestic appliances is an unavoidable part of any move, but it may be very risky at the same time. You need to know how to appropriately prepare your equipment so as not to...

How to move a desk? 0

How to move a desk?

Whether you are renovating your office or moving into a new apartment, desk is definitely a part of furniture that cannot be ignored while organising it. Similarly to other furniture elements, however, its transport...

how to transport a piano 1

How to move a piano without getting a backache?

Heavy, but fragile, made up of multiple parts, that are not easy to find or replace in case of damage. Pianos! Old and valuable or new electronic ones, taken straight from the music store....

how to effectively move a king-size bed 0

How to transport a bed?

Have you ever dreamt of a huge, comfy bed? Well, probably most of us have, especially after a week-long holiday in a nice hotel. To dream about it is one thing, but then to...