How to ship your belongings with ease when moving house

Moving house is a stressful experience.

No need to add some more stress by picking the wrong people to help you!

Yes, we’ve all had those unreliable friends who promised they’d help and even bring their car to ship your belongings but on moving days are nowhere to be found. Then they come up with some emergency excuse.

Among the very long list of things to worry about when moving, how to get your personal belongings from one place to another should not be one of them.

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What to think about when moving house

It is advised to write a list of things to think about when you are about to move.

At Switch Plan, they know that moving to a new house means there are things to handle.

For instance:

  • ending contracts (gas and electricity)
  • subscribing to new contracts
  • ending the lease
  • signing a new lease
  • considering switching energy suppliers to save money
  • finding the right date to do all this by
  • finding the right company to help you move

Picking the right moving company

Picking the right moving company is mandatory.

We all know moving is expensive. Some costs can be avoided, some cannot.

Picking the right moving company can be a thing you can cross off your list without worrying if you made the right choice.

There are things to know before picking one: it should check all categories that follow.

For example:

  • a strong and already satisfied and loyal client base
  • a high-quality customer service
  • a guide through the process that you can call by name and phone number who will make sure to help you and answers all your questions
  • a guide to help you decide which service is best for you: sometimes you only need a basic service (truck for a couple of hours) but companies without your best interest in mind will purposely misguide you into taking a service you don’t need, more expensive

According to experts at Switch Plan, It’s for this last reason it is so important to check customers’ opinions. You can do that on a company’s website but also make sure to do so on companies specified in collecting people’s opinions.

Sometimes a company will purposely only highlight positive comments on their own website and hide the ones that reflect poorly on them.

With this information in mind, you can start your search and find the right moving company for you.

Check out more about what to know when moving house in this article.


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