Shower cabins – how to ship them safer & cheaper

Sometimes we need to take care of shipping untypical items such as shower cabins. I had to deal with that a few years ago when I made a wrong purchase. As a result I needed to return a shower cabin to the shop. Courier companies weren’t helpful at that point. Fortunately, there is another and often cheaper way to move it.

When we buy a shower cubicle, we usually don’t have to worry about a delivery. However, there are a few situations when we need do it on our own. Let’s list these scenarios:

  • When we buy a shower cabin from an individual person, not a shop.
  • When we want to return a cabin to the shop.
  • When we want to buy a cabin from abroad and ship it to country of stay.
  • When we simply look for cheaper shipping option than the one offered by a shop.
shower cabin shipping

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Cheaper shipping of shower cubicle with transport provider

Shower cabins are definitely items that cannot be moved with passenger regular car. So it is practically obligatory to hire a transport provider that can move the load using a van or another delivery truck. It could be cheaper when you decide to hire a transport provider that has extra space to take your load. Clicktrans connects everyone who needs transport with haulers that look for extra loads. The website gives access to thousands of haulers across Europe, so international shipping of practically anything is not a problem.

After you choose a hauler, you need to prepare your load. It is obvious that shipping shower cubicle requires extra caution. If it is possible, you should ship cabin in a package given by the producer. All components of the shower cubicle should be secured with polystyrene foam and bubble foil. There shouldn’t be any empty spaces inside the box. That ensures the cabin won’t move during the road transportation.

How much does the shower cabin transportation cost?

The price for shipping services mostly depends on the distance of removal. Therefore,  important factor is if shipment takes place on national or international routes. Of course, the weight, size and number of items to deliver influence the hauler price as well. Below I present, as an example, costs of a few transport jobs done via

Shower cabin with base shipped from Northampton (the UK) to Tarnów (Poland).  Cost: £88

Shower cabin shipped from Katowice (Poland) to Sarpsborg (Norway).  Cost: £135



I am passionate about ecological solutions for transport. On blog I mostly present tips regarding the transport of heavy machinery, equipment and very unusual items. I am also interested in law and social aspects of transport and removals.

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  1. Kim Johnson says:

    Thanks for sharing great tips on how to ship Shower Cabins safer and cheaper. I was about to make a purchase and then suddenly I read your post. I will consider these tips for my next purchase. Thank you for taking the time to post these details 🙂

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