1. Using Clicktrans Internet Service (later referred to as: Clicktrans), the User might be requested by Personal Data Administrator to provide their personal data, including in particular: their name and last name, telephone number or email address in order to use services provided by Clicktrans.

2. Clicktrans Personal Data Administrator in the meaning of binding law is Michał Brzeziński operating under: „IQSC Solutions” Michał Brzeziński located in Gdynia, (81-519) ul. Powstania Styczniowego 19, entered into the Register of Business Activity kept by the Minister of Economy, Tax Payer ID. No. [NIP] 586-221-66-05, Business ID. No. [REGON]: 221205870, later referred to as PDA.

3. A set of personal data has been filed to The Inspector General for Personal Data Protection.

4. Personal data collected at Clicktrans are processed according to the binding regulations solely with authorisation to process data and to complete the User’s order, archivisation or rendering electronic services by PDA and for other purposes regulated by Terms and Conditions.

5. PDA uses their best effort to protect the privacy of personal data received by Clicktrans and concerning Clicktrans Users. PDA carefully selects and applies
proper technical measures including programming and data management in order to protect the processed data from sharing it with any third party, publication, loss, damage, unauthorised modification, and in order to protect the data before being processed according to binding laws.

6. PDA controls data processing and limits the access to it to the highest extent possible, granting proper authorisation solely when it is required for Clicktrans proper operation.

7. The basis for data processing is the User’s consent and statutory authorisation to process data required for rendering electronic services at Clicktrans by PDA.

8. Providing any personal data is voluntary. However, as stipulated in Terms and Conditions, not providing the required data shall prevent the User from using specific services, including opening an account with Clicktrans.

9. As the User provides the data voluntarily, the User shall be able to access and edit it. The User might also address PDA with a written request to remove the provided data from PDA’s data set with the following provisions: PDA might refuse to remove the data if the User breached the regulations of Terms and Conditions or the provisions of binding laws through their activity at Clicktrans. The data shall be maintained until it is required for determining the circumstances of the event and the User’s liability.

10. If the User would like to update their registration data, it can be changed when the User logs in at Clicktrans.

11. Personal data or the User’s data can be disclosed to authorities or a third party in compliance with
binding laws.

12. PDA might outsource personal data and User data processing to the third party only upon the User’s unequivocal consent or upon the User’s request according to binding laws.

13. Shall this action be required to complete the User’s order, and upon the User’s unequivocal consent, the User’s personal data shall be transferred to the operator of a gateway processor - PayU S.A. with a registered office in Poznań (ul. Marcelińska 90, 60-324 Poznań) as a data administrator, entered into the register of entrepreneurs kept by the District Court in Poznań - Nowe Miasto i Wilda in Poznań, Division VII of Commercial Division of the National Court Register, under the number 0000274399, as a Data Processor, and who complies with rendering payment services regulation and security and privacy measures required by European Union regulation. The transfer concerns the data required for completing the payment via PayU, including name and last name, e-mail address, telephone number.

14. PDA uses IP addresses collected through Internet connections for technical purposes related with server administration, for general data collection - statistical data based on the User’s demographics (region of connection), and for the security purposes including automatic identification of any content viewing software that might overload the Clicktrans server.

15. Clicktrans might organise a competition. The User’s data provided during participation in the contest shall be used for the purposes of contest organisation, e.g. to inform the User about the victory. The User might resign from receiving commercial content anytime. In any case, the data provided under this competition will be used in accordance with the commercial purposes detailed in paragraph 7 of Article 3 of the Terms and Conditions.

16. Clicktrans is using “cookies” - pieces of textual information to be saved at the User’s device. “Cookies” are used to provide proper operation of Clicktrans web pages.

17. PDA uses “Cookies” which are safe for the User’s device. Any viruses, malware and unwanted software cannot reach the device with enabled Cookies. Cookies help identify the software used by the User and adjust Clicktrans to each User’s needs. Cookies create statistics that help understand the User’s online behaviours and improve structure and the contents of Clicktrans, save the User’s session at Clicktrans (if logged in), which prevents the User from the necessity to provide their login and password on each subpage; Cookies include their original domain name, time of being stored on the device, and the assigned value. PDA uses only two types of Cookies - session cookies and permanent cookies. Session cookies are temporary files, that are stored on the User’s device until they log out or close the software (the browser). These are obligatory files enabling the proper operation of applications and their functionalities.
Permanent files are stored on the device for a period set in Cookies parameters or until they are removed by the User. These files serve to ensure easier and more efficient operation of the website.

The cookies used on the platform are as follows:
Name of Cookie Lifespan Aim

Own/ Third parties Provider
PHPSESSID Until logout Stores information about the user's session. It is active during the session.


Own Clicktrans

From 1 to 2 years Google Analytics

Clicktrans use Google Analytics to learn how users use Clicktrans, which pages are the most visited. Go to Google Privacy Policy for more information: 
If you want to stay out of Google Analytics you can download an extension for your browser.

Third Google, Inc.

18. PDA uses their own cookies for the purpose of Clicktrans configuration and adjusting the contents of Clicktrans to the User’s preferences and website optimization. Cookies help Clicktrans conduct analysis, research, viewer review for the purpose of anonymous statistics, and ensuring security and reliability of Clicktrans.

19. PDA uses external Cookies in order to collect general and anonymous statistical data through analytical tools, advertisement display tailored to the User’s individual preferences, and with the use of online advertisement and interactive functions in order to popularise Clicktrans in Social Media.

20. The User might change Cookies settings on their own by determining the conditions of Cookies storage and access on their device. The hereinabove mentioned changes might be applied in browser settings or through service configuration. These settings might be changed in such a manner to automatically block Cookies in the browser or inform the User about each time the Cookies are inserted on the User’s device. More details on Cookies management shall be found in software settings (browser settings).

21. The User might remove the Cookies by using the options available in their browser.
For more information here you can see the main browsers and their respective link to the cookies settings.
Google Chrome
Internet Explorer

22. Disabling cookies might have an impact on some of the functionalities of Clicktrans.