How to safely transport tiles

If you are planning a house renovation, there are lots of tough decisions ahead of you. One of the most problematic things is buying tiles. It isn’t easy to choose the right ones. I can’t help you make that decision (that is up to you!), but I will tell you how you can safely transport them.

You should read this article if:

  • you are going to purchase tiles from abroad;
  • you are about to buy tiles from a store that doesn’t offer shipping;
  • you want to return your purchase.

transport płytek

Transporting tiles on your own

It is a well-known fact that tiles are fragile goods and need special treatment during any type of transportation. That is why moving them is so stressful. Tiles can be damaged not only during shipping but also later while installing them, so it is wise to buy extra tiles just in case

Here are a few tips on how to safely transport tiles:

  • Terracotta should be shipped in the packaging provided by the producers. This is not only because of the fact that it is professionally secured. In addition, many producers put a special substance, which has a consistency similar to glue, on each tile to give them extra protection. This is easily removable after shipping.
  • Tiles shouldn’t be carried by one person alone. They are simply too heavy. For example, popular Grès ceramic tiles can weigh over a dozen pounds (each!).
  • The boot is the best place in a car for shipping tiles. Cargo should be secured so as not to move around, on a straight and stable surface. Shipping tiles on the back seat is quite risky. One disadvantage is that they can easily be damaged during the journey, but a bigger problem is that they could actually cause harm to us, e.g. during a traffic collision.
  • Tiles placed in a boot should be protected from outside, especially if there is any empty space around them. In this case, the boot should be filled with cardboard, fabric or cushions. This ensures the tiles won’t move while you are driving. Tiles should be directly covered with a blanket for extra protection.
  • The driver should be extremely careful and avoid sharp turns and sudden braking.

Hiring a hauler for shipping tiles

If you don’t want to move tiles by yourself, a hauler is definitely the best solution. Transport providers possess the right equipment and expertise to move delicate items such as tiles. Especially when it comes to international shipping, it is crucial to ensure that professionals deal with our load. Most haulers recommend shipping ceramics in pallets because it optimises loading and the whole transportation process.

The priority is to find a reliable courier who will take care of the whole delivery. It’s a wise move to use, which gives access to verified and experienced companies specialised in transport jobs.

How much does shipping tiles cost?

Generally shipping prices are influenced by the weight of tiles and the distance to cover by a hauler (whether shipping is international or on domestic routes). Below you will find the prices of transport jobs done with Clicktrans.

Tiles (1985 lb) delivered from Szczecin (Poland) to Crawley (UK). Cost: £510

Tiles (793 lb) delivered from Skarszewy (Poland) to Livingston (UK). Cost: £240,pl/uk2

Tiles (790 lb) delivered from Jarosław (Poland) to Alfreton (UK). Cost: £175



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