How to safely transport a washing machine?

Usually, when we buy house appliances, the shop offers shipping services. However, sometimes we need to transport machines like clothes washer on our own. For example, when we sell our old machine or simply plan a removal to a new place. Washers are heavy cargo, so it’s wise to do some preparations before shipping. Check our advice on that!

washing machine shipping


Preparation for shipping washer:

  • Close doors and detergent drawer. Secure them with a duct tape.
  • After you disconnect washing machine from the power, remove hoses that connects to the water supply.
  • Drain the water using emergency drain hose.
  • Secure corners of washing machine with cardboard and cover the machine with fabric (blanket would be great) or bubble foil.

Moving the washing machine

Move the washer without lifting it by the worktop. The washing machine must be carried upright by at least two people. The most fragile component is the drum and during the whole removal it should be treated gently. The washer must stay upright in the vehicle during the road transportation. You should fasten the washing machine with special belts to prevent any movement during transportation.

washing machine removal

After reaching the destination

While installing the washing machine make sure that all feet are stable and resting on the floor. You should as well check if the washing machine is correctly leveled using a spirit level. Don’t use the device for at least 5-8 hours after installation. The machine should first acclimatize to the environmental conditions of the room.

Shipping washing machine by a hauler

Of course, you can hire a transport provider to take care of all of that. The best way to choose the right hauler is to list your load at and get quotes from haulers.

How much does the shipping cost? It depends on factors like: distance, date of shipping or weight of the machine. Naturally, the cost will be higher when the washer is a part of bigger load (e.g. during removal). Here are some prices for shipping a washer via

A washing machine delivered from Northampton (England) to Częstochowa (Poland). Cost:  £60

A washing machine delivered from London (England) to Hrubieszow (Poland). Cost:  £50



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