How to move a desk?

Whether you are renovating your office or moving into a new apartment, desk is definitely a part of furniture that cannot be ignored while organising it. Similarly to other furniture elements, however, its transport may relate to some difficulties, related to the size and weight of the object.

In this article, we will share with you valuable advice on how to effectively overcome the difficulties and safely transport a desk.


Where to start?


First of all, you need to be aware that there are many different types and sizes of desks, and so the first step you have to take is to adjust the transportation and safety methods to the kind of desk that you want to move.

Very important aspect of any transportation is SIZE. Measure the desk precisely, to make sure that its size fits the available space in your car or the car of a transport provider. Give the delivering company all necessary details about the object that is to be transported.

You can choose between shipping the object in one piece or deliver it in smaller elements and put them all together at the place of your destination. The first is obviously more challenging in terms of transport, so if you have an opportunity to take the desk apart, it’s worth trying! If it is not possible, however, your next step is to take care of an appropriate protection for the desk for the duration of the transport.


How to move a desk?


Moving a desk


To transport the desk you can choose to use your own car or benefit from services offered by the transport companies. Although a decision to do it on your own may save you some money, it’s sometimes more efficient to hire professionals who possess greater knowledge and skills. Apart from the transportation itself, you need to also remember about the important step which is carrying the desk to, and from the car. Some companies offer it as part of their service, but if you prefer being self-sufficient – at least ask your friends to help you with carrying it. If your piece of furniture is exceptionally heavy, it may be worth using special security belts or tail lifts to move the object.



Do not place the desk in the passenger space!
If it is possible, place the object in the boot of your car. Transporting a desk in the car space destined for passengers may be dangerous, especially when braking or in case of accident.



How to secure your desk? – Materials you may find useful


If you decide to transport your desk in one piece, you should definitely cover its surface with cling film or bubble wrap to avoid any damages or scratches. Three layers should be enough to give your desk a fair protection.  

  • Cling film  

Price = around £2.90/100 m

  • Bubble wrap

Price = around £15/100m


If you transport the desk in smaller elements, put them into cartons and protect from rubbing by filling in the left space with polystyrene foam.

Price = around £6.50 for 5 polystyrene foam sheets 600x400x10mm

You may also use the polystyrene foam corners to secure the desk’s corners in particular. If you are putting desk elements into cartons, you can use ‘FRAGILE’ stickers or tapes. Thanks to that, any person responsible for the object during the transportation process will handle the product with more care.




How much does it cost?


Shipping prices are highly dependent on the distance and size of the desk. We checked that the average transport cost of desk in the UK is £70.

If you are willing to transport your desk from the UK to the European country, you may expect the cost to double, amounting to approximately £114.


You can use the services of Removal Companies which can be easily found online, or, alternatively, report your request at Clicktrans, where transport providers are looking for extra load or an opportunity to make their empty return valuable. As the deliverer goes all the way anyway, you may expect him to offer you relatively low price for the shipment.


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I'm searching for easy ways to safely transport untypical items. I would like to prove to all our readers that - after some preparations - you can transport just about anything. No matter what the courier says.

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