How much does it cost to transport a car within the UK?

Have you been looking for an answer to this question for some time? Surely, it is smarter to first know the estimated cost of car transport service so you can plan your budget accordingly. Thanks to the cost analysis we have made, you no longer need to investigate among your neighbours and friends 🙂

Another thing with getting advice from friends is that they might be a bit biased, cause they are speaking from their own experience, which may be very well based just on one or two situations when they shipped their car.

So, as long as your car does not look like this…

How much does it cost to transport a car within the UK?

or like this…

How much does it cost to transport a car within the UK?How much does it cost to transport a car within the UK?

You may need professional help with shipping your car 🙂




What should you include?

We went through hundreds of car transport offers to give you a look into car shipping costs within the UK. What came to our attention as especially important is that you should expect different quotes depending on the type and size of your car. Your four wheels need some special equipment to be transported safely and without a hassle – this will certainly increase the cost.


How much does it cost to transport a car within the UK?



How to decrease the cost?

To get your car transported and not ruin your monthly budget you need to remember that transport provider needs to benefit from taking this job as well. It’s best when a company you choose can arrange this transport in the most effective way possible, time and money-wise. So, if they are already going the way your car needs to go with other cars or simply other loads it’s much more viable for them. 

So, that’s how transporting your car becomes an attractive deal for the transport company 🙂


The prices might be even  60% lower  when the company is already going the same route or can arrange your transport on the way back and reduce “empty runs”.


Route length vs. cost

1. Up to 200 miles

Want to transport your Vauxhall from Gloucestershire to Bristol? A van from Tipton to Botley? The average price for the route length up to 200 miles is  93 £  and it decreases with every mile.

The estimated average cost per mile is  0,89 £ 

2.Between 200 – 300 miles

What about your Corsa from Billingham to Chippenham? The average price for shipping your car across the UK 200 to 300 miles is  157 £  

The estimated average cost per mile is  0,65£ 

3. Above 300 miles

The average price for transporting your car above 300 miles is  236 £  

The estimated average cost per mile is  0,61£ 


I hope you found this material helpful. If you need more info, let me know in the comments section below 🙂 For a daily dose of transport tips follow us on Twitter !

Would you like to transport your car within Europe? If you are wondering how much it will cost, go to our blog post to find out:


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I'm searching for easy ways to safely transport untypical items. I would like to prove to all our readers that - after some preparations - you can transport just about anything. No matter what the courier says.

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  1. Abdullah Qayoumi says:

    I want to ship a car to UK

    • Malwina says:

      Hi – of course ? Just go to:, you can post a listing for free – just describe what you need shipped and when would you like it delivered. You’ll get quotes from transport providers and you’ll be able to choose the best one. Hope that helps, if not – please, let me know ?

  2. Michelle says:

    Hi just wondering how much it would cost BMW X3 from Stanton Abbott to North walsham please and thank you

  3. Mr Kevin Dalgetty says:

    Mr Kevin Dalgetty I was wanting a price to bring a van from pontypool wales up to Dunbar east lothian scotland as soon as you could give me date end off this week or early next week thank you.

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    Nice blog ! Thank you for provide such a nice information

  5. J DENIS says:

    I need to transport a car in the uk about13 miles adjacent to the A40 polish memorial SouthRruislip to Twickenham Chertsey road tw11ER WHAT WOULD YOUR TOTAL CHARGE COST.


  6. Little one says:

    There are tons of cost factors. Your price can change based on your car’s size, how far it’s traveling, and even the time of the year. Carriers use these factors to figure out how much to charge.

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    Hi, Im, looking for a quote to transport a VW Transporter van from Stoke-on-Trent (ST3 1ET) to Enfield (EN1 2HS)

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