How to move a dishwasher

Transporting domestic appliances is an unavoidable part of any move, but it may be very risky at the same time. You need to know how to appropriately prepare your equipment so as not to damage it and to ensure that it will still work at your new home.  This article may help you with that!

Before transportation

The first step in the preparation is to remove everything from the machine. If you leave any dishes or glasses inside, you will probably find them broken after transporting the dishwasher. Pack all the dishes and silverware into boxes. To guarantee them greater security, you should label the boxes “fragile”. This way, a transport provider will be more cautious with them. You should also remove any small elements, such as baskets or trays, that are part of the internal accessories of a dishwasher.

How to move a dishwasher?


Disconnect the dishwasher from its power source and water lines, then tie the cables together to prevent them from getting tangled. When the machine is ready to be transported, wrap it in bubble wrap or a blanket for added protection.


Similarly to any other object, if you want to use the services of a transport company or hire an individual hauler, you have to provide them with the dimensions of the dishwasher. Before placing your order, measure the width, height, length and weight of the appliance.


Moving it


Since a dishwasher is a heavy appliance, yoy should always use more than one person to carry it.  It is important to hold the piece upright to avoid spilling of liquids inside the machine. Hold the dishwasher from both sides. When passing through the door, you may need to tilt it a little bit, so that it can fit through the narrow space. 


Don’t strain your back!
If you decide to carry the appliance on your own, you should use a special belt that stabilises and reduces stress on your spine.

If you hire a transport company to move your dishwasher, ask them if their service includes loading. There is no point in carrying such a heavy object if the company can provide you with professional equipment, such as a hand truck, which will make the process much easier. 

After placing the dishwasher in the car, fasten it with special belts to prevent any movement during the transportation.


How much does it cost?


If you want to transport household appliances, such as a dishwasher, you can do it on your own or find transport services online by  posting your request at a transport marketplace, such as, and getting attractive offers from individual haulers. The cost of a dishwasher shipment obviously depends on the distance that has to be covered by the transport provider.

Here you can find sample offers of transportation within one country, where an average price is £20-£40. 

  • Dresden, Germany – Balingen, Germany (590 km)

Price: £31

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  • Karpacz, Poland – Mielec, Poland (507 km)

Price: £40

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Here are some offers for international dishwasher transportation. The price is on average £60-£150:


  •   Koln, Germany – Sluzewo, Poland (951 km)

Price: around £100,526052


  • Derby, UK – Mikolow, Poland (1720 km)

Price: £62,2106843


If you want to check how much the transportation of your dishwasher will cost, click the button below:


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