How to transport a bed?

Have you ever dreamt of a huge, comfy bed? Well, probably most of us have, especially after a week-long holiday in a nice hotel.
To dream about it is one thing, but then to be able to afford it and ship it… well that’s a completely different story! Do you plan to ship a bed? Then this article has all the info you need to have to move it safely without making too much of a hassle.

This article answers the following questions:

  • How to secure a bed for shipping?
  • Should I disassemble it?
  • How to carry a mattress and a spring box (or a bed frame)?
  • Should I fold the mattress?
  • Should I do it myself, ask a friend for help or hire a moving company?
  • How much does it cost to ship a bed with a transport provider?
  • How to do it when it’s a king-size bed?
  • How much does it cost to ship a king-size bed with a transport provider?

Let’s start!

How to secure a bed for shipping?

Cover your mattress with a blanket and wrap it in the plastic foil and thin straps. Consider using tarpaulin if you think that your mattress may lose balance during transport. We don’t want any holes ripped by the straps or ropes.

The moving process differs slightly, depending on the type of bed. If you have platform beds or storage beds make sure the storage space is empty, remove the drawers and any other loose parts.

Should I disassemble it?

It’s best to transport a mattress and a bed frame separately.

If you kept the assembling instructions you’re good to go. Just follow them in reverse.

No instructions on hand? Not a problem 🙂 At least for now! Once your bed gets to the final destination, say, your new flat you will need to re-assemble it. To prevent mistakes resulting in fitful sleep or at worst a health-hazard, make notes and draw schemes that will ensure reassembling project’s success.

How to carry a mattress and a spring box (or a bed frame)?

You can carry both on the side.

If your mattress does not have handles (which happens quite often) you can make them yourself with a little help of your MacGyver-like imagination 🙂 By the way, it’s a two people job, so ask a friend for help.

Just tie a rope around the mattress and make knots on both ends. You can also use sheets to do it. Just put one sheet on the floor and place the mattress on it  (long side) then tie knots on both ends – this way you will be able to lift the mattress. You can repeat the whole thing on top of the mattress to create knots that will help you keep the mattress balanced properly.

runch — kopia (2)

As for a bed frame, you will need another pair of hands (or two!) to carry it down the staircase or a hallway.

Position a bed frame on it’s longer side, at a slant, standing up – this should help you maneuver it, whenever you have too little space to pass.

Should I fold the mattress?

No! You might end up with springs bent and damaged. Which basically means that your bed will no longer support your back properly. Hear your spine screaming “No!” already?

Should I do it myself, ask a friend for help or hire a moving company?

Considering a size the bed and the complexity of the transport itself, as long as you are not a professional mover yourself, think about hiring a moving company and using their years-long experience.

You are now thinking that it’s going to be costly, right? It doesn’t have to be. If the transport provider already scheduled another delivery in your direction or can take your bed as a return load – then it’s a real bargain! You can easily find those transport companies by posting your delivery online.

How much does it cost to ship a bed with a transport provider?

Scenario 1: I want to ship my bed within the UK.

If that’s the case, you may expect to pay between  £20 and £70  depending on the size and weight of your bed as well as the length of the route.

Shipping from Brackley to Pulborough? You will pay around £55.

Shipping from Staffordshire to Gwynedd? You will pay around £115.

Scenario 2: I want to ship my bed internationally.

Again, you need to factor in the length of the route and size of your delivery.

Quite often, beds are transported as a part of a removal which should cost less when you count the expense per item.

For shipping between the UK and other European countries, you will pay around £100-£250. 

Shipping from London to Dublin? The estimated cost is £140.

How do I do it when it’s a king-size bed?

But first, how big is the king-size bed anyway? See the picture below:


how to move a king-size bed



The mattress itself is 76″ wide and 80 ” long, so quite bulky and tricky to carry. If you decide to transport a mattress separately, put it on the side and carry it standing up length side.

How much does it cost to ship a king-size bed with a transport provider?

I will jump straight to the point. Below you can find the average costs of a king-size bed in the UK (locally) and between the UK and other European countries.

Cost of king-size bed transport in the UK

It may vary slightly, depending on how far from the pick-up location your bed needs to travel, though the prices seem to be fairly consistent on UK roads.

For kingsize bed transport within the UK you will pay between  £35 and £65 

Cost of king-size bed transport between the  UK <> European countries

If you need to ship your king-size bed to another European country, you should expect to pay between   £100 and £220[/su_highlight] depending on the length of the journey.

Sounds a bit too general? Here are the examples!

  • Bed transport from Hove to France – estimated cost £200
  • Bed transport from Oxfordshire to Ireland – estimated cost £160
  • Be transport from Spain to London – estimated cost £105
  • Bed transport from Brighton to Switzerland – estimated cost £100
  • Bed Transport from Ireland to Manchester – estimated cost £64
  • Bed transport from Essex to Dublin – estimated cost £105

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