How to transport a pool table?

Moving a pool table is a tricky job – most of the items we transport are either big or fragile, rarely both. And a pool table is just that – both. Shipping a pool table can be done safely, but it requires certain precautions. How to transport your pool table efficiently and make sure it won’t be damaged during shipment?


Firstly, bad news – you’ll probably have to dismantle it. It’s the safest way to transport – pool table in pieces will be much easier to cover and secure to avoid damages during shipment. No worries though – taking pool table to pieces is actually easier than it sounds, even if you don’t feel particularly good about your handyman skills.


Keep reading this article to find out:

– how to take your table to pieces and avoid damaging it in the process

– how to transport the pool table

– which transport option will be the cheapest and which – the safest

How to dismantle a pool table?

Please, note
Instructions below concern slate bed pool table – the kind that is the hardest to transport. If you have a MDF bed pool table, you may follow instructions below, but it’s very possible that your job will be a lot easier – as MDF pool tables often have features that simplify storing and moving (like foldable legs). These tables are also a lot lighter and therefore easier to move, even without help from professional movers.

1) Remove the pockets and the rails

That’s the first step – sounds easy enough, right? All you need to do is remove nails and bolts. Just remember to store pockets, rails and all the screws somewhere you’ll be able to find it later. We strongly suggest keeping all the elements of your pool table (especially nails, pins, staples etc.) in the same place (for example in a string bag). Small parts are easy to misplace and sometimes a couple of missing pins is all it takes for your pool table to stay in pieces forever ;).

2) Detach the felt

It’s easier than it sounds, but it does require extra caution as even relatively small tear in felt can ruin it and force you to re-cloth the slate. If your felt is attached by staples, use some flat tool to pry them off. If the felt is glued to the slate, be extra careful while removing it to avoid tearing or stretching the material, which would ruin it. Also – be careful with folding removed felt to avoid wrinkles.

3) Remove the slate

Here comes the hardest part – and the heaviest! The pool slate can consist of 1, 2 or 3 pieces and weight about 250 kg (551 lbs). Be careful while moving it – trapping your finger between the slate and the table can cause serious damage. Remove the screws and lift the slate. Be sure to find some help for this point – handling the slate is definitely a two-man job. Cover the removed slate with materials that will absorb any jolts during the transport and secure it well – along with the felt, the slate is the most important part of the pool table.

4) Detach the legs

After removing and securing the slate, you can mostly relax. In comparison with removing delicate felt or 250 kg slate, unscrewing legs from the frame is a piece of cake.

5) Secure all the elements

It’s vital with the slate, but also very important for other parts of the table. While the frame and the legs can take a little bump, more serious indentation can cause the table to be unbalanced and therefore ruin future games.

After these 5 steps your table is ready to go!

dismantled pool table

Partially dismantled pool table. Source:


Your pool table is prepared for transport – now what? Essentially there are two ways to go about the transport. You can either:

– transport the pool table by your own car


– hire a transport provider


Moving a pool table by yourself

If you have a car with big enough trunk, you can transport the pool table by yourself. Just follow the instructions to dismantle your table and then secure all the parts in your car, making sure every item is safe from jostling around the back of the car. It’s probably the cheapest way to transport, but also the least safe – unless you are an expert and have at least 1 person to help you, moving a pool table is energy-consuming, as this particular piece of furniture is prone to damages.

So, if you want to be sure your table will arrive safely to its destination, we recommend hiring a transport provider.

Moving a pool table with a transport provider


  • you’ll get help with loading and unloading
  • your pool table will be properly secured by professionals
  • often there is no need for dismantling the table
  • you don’t have to own a car

Due to considerable size of the most pool tables, moving it by courier usually is not an option. Instead you can use the services of a moving company. One of the main benefit is access to transport professionals – people who will not only know how to dismantle and secure the pool table properly, but will also help with the unloading once the table gets to its destination.

It will also be a good choice if you are reluctant to dismantle your pool table. Most of the moving companies own professional cars with enough space to safely transport your pool table in one piece. That way you can avoid the danger of loosing small parts or damaging the table during disassembling.

Easy and reliable way to lower the shipping cost is shared transport. You find a transport provider that is shipping a cargo on the distance that you need and he takes your pool table as a part of his load. For you it’s a chance to lower the transport expenses, for him – to earn some more money.

That way you get to use services of a professional (who can help with loading and unloading) and reduce transport cost at the same time.


Check the sample offers that involved a pool table to find out more:

Rzeszów, Poland to Jedlińsk, Poland for 51 £ (200 km)

shipping a pool table,2189934

Dumfries, UK to Szczecin, Poland for 602 £ (1783 km)

transporting a pool table from Dunfries,2420448

Want to find out, how much would it cost to transport a pool table?


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