How to safely transport a chest of drawers?

What are the most important things to take care of before shipping a chest of drawers? How to make it ready for transport and reduce the chance of damage. How much does it cost? Below you will find answers to these questions and more.

Secure your chest of drawers

First, consider different options for shipping your furniture. You may try to do it yourself, hire a man with a van or search for a transport company that will arrange the whole thing for you. This way or another, make sure the commode is secured properly.

Wrap it with a stretch foil or a bubble wrap. When wandering in a household items shopping mall, ask for corner guards or furniture edges made from polystyrene. That’s not obligatory, but if you want to be extra careful about the edges of your furniture, then this is something you should be keen to try.

transport drawers


Think about how you want it to be transported: in one piece or disassembled? If you think that disassembling the furniture will make it less stable during transport, just leave it as it is 🙂

If it’s too big and heavy and cannot come out in piece disassemble it carefully.

  • remember to secure drawers with a tape, so they are motionless during transport
  • bubblewrap all the parts and do not forget about the small elements
Bubbles in or out?
Usually, you wrap the pieces of furniture with bubble foil side in and flat side out, though if for some reason bubbles get stuck on the items that are being secured, just pack them first in a plastic bag, so the bubbles do not touch the surface of the furniture directly.
  • …or wrap it up with the foil of your choice
  • put small, decorative elements in a box, to separate them from the bigger pieces of the furniture
  • you need to be extra careful with antiques – study the furniture body and structure to find the weakest elements and spots that need extra protection

antique chest of drawers shipping


How much does it cost to transport chest of drawers?

Below you can find the summary of realized transport jobs, that will give you an idea of how much money you may need to spend to transport your chest of drawers on a certain route.

Transport in the UK

Chest of drawers transport up to 80 km

For such service, you will pay between  £35-40 

If you want to transport your furniture, let’s say between Greater London and West Sussex or Romford and Beckenham you might expect a similar quote from your transport provider.


Chest of drawers transport between 80 – 150 km

Do you need to move it from Bliston to EastDulwich? This might cost around £40-50 

Generally, if the distance range of the pickup and drop off location stays between 80 – 150 km on the local routes within the UK you can expect to pay from  £35 to £75


Chest of drawers transport above 150 km

Interesting in moving a chest of drawers from Liverpool to London? Need a long distance shipping?

The average of cost of sending chest of drawers with a transport provider further than 150 km from the pickup location varies between  £40-£80 


International routes

Chest of drawers from the UK to Spain: £120 – £250

Chest of drawers from the UK to Germany:  £180- £250

Chest of drawers from the UK to Greece:  £120 – £250

Chest of drawers from the UK to Italy: £300 – £350

Chest of drawers from the UK to France:  £200- £250


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