How to transport industrial machinery

Industrial equipment and machinery cannot be shipped without assistance from a transport provider. Do you want to know more about such complex processes as the removal of 18-ton equipment? The information below is provided by an expert from KM-System, a company that specialises in industrial machinery deliveries.

The transportation of common factory equipment such as an injection moulding machine involves at least three experienced shipping specialists. Removing one industrial machine takes about 90 minutes.

‘The time required for that task depends on the environment we need to work in. Sometimes obstacles occur on the way, for example a partition wall or other heavy equipment. Therefore a part of our job becomes the removal of these barriers,’ says Sławomir Pawlik representing KM-System.

Removal of industrial machines – step by step

  1. First of all, a machine must be lifted with jacks in order to put it on special transport rollers. Rollers are blocked so they can only move forward, which provides safety and controlled transportation. Some rollers are wider. They are used for moving heavy industrial machinery.
  2. After that, a machinery is attached with a certified rope to the transport vehicle (the most common one is a forklift). Now the machinery can be removed outside to a loading ramp or to another place in the same factory.
  3. When the machinery is placed on the ramp it can be moved up into the vehicle using a crane. The equipment is lifted directly from the transport rollers.
  4. The load can now be secured by the transport provider using special belts. This ensures that the equipment will stay still during the ride.
  5. On reaching the final destination, the machine is pulled down from the vehicle onto wooden pads and is then once placed again on transport rollers.
  6. Finally, the load can be delivered on the transport rollers to the new factory.
Transport rollers for industrial equipment shipping.

Transport rollers for industrial equipment shipping. Photo by KM-System.

Do you want to hire a hauler to transport industrial equipment? These are the points to remember:

  1. Transport rollers can only be used on a flat surface.
  2. Before you allow a transport provider to start the work, make sure that the machine has been unplugged and is therefore disconnected from all external power sources. This is your duty as a customer to ensure a safe environment.
  3. Be certain that the transport provider you hire uses only certified equipment.
  4. Make sure that among the removal team there is at least one person who has authorisation to operate the forklift.
  5. If you hire a hauler to transport a printing press, don’t forget to remove containers of ink. Otherwise, the transport vehicle might end up covered with it.
Printing press shipping.

Printing press shipping. Photo by KM-System

What is the cost of transporting industrial machinery?

Costs depend mostly on the size, weight and type of the equipment. Obviously, the distance is also crucial.

Shipping within the UK may cost around £500-700.

A milling machine was transported across the country from Hold to Elgin (898 km)   for £700  :


The cost of international transportation is about £200-500.

An injection moulding machine shipped from Braintree (UK) to Warsaw (Poland)   for £200   (1511 km):

An injection moulding machine shipped from Bournemouth (UK) to Warsaw (Poland)   for £300    (1782 km):



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  1. Chris says:

    Is there any form of paper work need to transport let’s say a cnc machine which has it tanks with oil in is it still safe to transport even if they are leaking slightly with no chance of draining before transporting or collecting

    • Kasia says:

      Hello. Please ask the transport provider for some tips. They have experience in transport this type of machines.

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