How much does it cost to transport car parts?

Among the most frequently transported car parts you’ll find bumpers, fenders, engines, car body parts and car seats.

Before transporting, you should wrap your cargo in stretch foil. Additionally it is a good idea to secure all the places that are prone to damage with cardboard.

When transporting smaller car parts, you can choose whether to do it by yourself, by courier or with help from a moving company. However if you need to transport larger parts, such as an engine, hiring a transport provider is a must.

How much does it cost to transport bumpers and fenders?

The price of transporting bumpers and fenders on international routes is around  £60–70. 


How much does it cost to transport an engine?

transporting an engine

The best way to safely transport an engine is to place it on a pallet and secure it with stretch foil and belts. This way you are decreasing the risk of damaging the cargo during shipment.

You should remember that engines can be very heavy (from 330 to even 1100 lb!) and weight is a major factor when it comes to defining transportation costs.

Within the UK, transporting an engine costs around  £80–90. 


On international routes, the cost will be around  £100–120. 


How much does it cost to transport wheel rims?

The most frequently transported wheel rim sizes are: 18″ and 19″.

The cost of transporting 4 wheel rims within the UK is about  £70–90. 


The cost of transporting 4 wheel rims on international routes is around  £90–110. 


How much does it cost to transport wheels?

how to transport car wheels

Wheels can be safely transported on pallets.

The cost of transporting wheels on international routes is around  £80–90. 


How much does it cost to transport car seats?

On international routes, you will pay around  £80–100. 


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