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How to efficiently and economically organise fragile goods transport?

Whenever transporting fragile cargo, you should consider the things which you tend to make a priority of when looking for transportation of other kinds of cargo. Usually people select the cost as well as the availability of the transport provider as leading factors when looking for a transport provider. However while they’re both undoubtedly important, the truly crucial factor with shipping delicate cargo is their safety. It’s in the name, delicate loads are easily breakable and therefore have to be treated extra carefully. This requirement eliminates some types of transportation (e.g. almost all courier companies) as well as makes it especially necessary to choose a hauler with experience as well as know-how about securing the load for the time of transportation.

Which kinds of cargo may be considered fragile cargo? Almost every type, if it is delicate or prone to damages – that includes a few groups of vehicles (e.g. classic cars), some parcels, machinery and so on. However there are types of cargo that are automatically considered fragile cargo because of what they are made of or their age: pianos (as well as almost all of the musical instruments), glassware, antiques and paintings or sculptures. There are also certain kinds of furniture that would fall info delicate cargo category, e.g. glass showcases and billiard tables – even if their structure can be surprisingly durable, there are parts of the furniture that are very delicate which means they may be easily damaged during shipment.

How to best secure fragile load for the time of transportation? Wrapping your load in bubble wrap will be a smart as well as rather obvious option whenever there are specific parts of the load that need additional protection. Alternatively you may use cardboard for that. Whenever you need a higher level of protection, look for a box as suited to the size of the load as you can, put your cargo inside and then fill all the empty space with foam chips or even some old cloths. The filling empty spaces part is essential as the materials you use as a filler will help to absorb any jolts on the road and therefore protect your delicate load.

Other crucial task is to sign the cardboard clearly, so that the transport provider will have no doubts that he has to be extra careful. You may either just write on the cardboard or acquire stickers with international ’Delicate’ symbol (it looks like a wine glass with a fracture on it, sometimes there is ‘Fragile’ written underneath) or just sign the box. Regardless of what way of signing your cargo you decide upon, don’t forget to sign both sides and the top of the box, to make sure the transport provider will notice it, regardless of how the load will be placed. It is also smart to point how the box should be placed inside a van by putting a ‘This way up” sign on it.

After you’ve safely secured your delicate cargo for the time of transportation, the last step is to select a suitable hauler. Choosing a courier company is risky, because the amount of deliveries they make every day makes treating some of them with special caution almost impossible (and fragile load undoubtedly needs handling with care). You can try hiring a transport company by yourself – that will guarantee that your load will be professionally secured and transported but it will most likely be pricey. Is there a way to come across an experienced hauler that will be affordable to everyone? 

As a matter of fact – it is. A good way to hire a hauler with knowledge about the type of cargo you need transported that will be both expert as well as affordable is listing your delivery on a transport marketplace, like Clicktrans. The majority of the transport providers using the platform are looking for additional loads on routes they are planning to travel nonetheless. If they choose your cargo as an additional load, you’ll be able to get shipment for a much lower price than what you would have to pay a transport company. 

Moreover all haulers are checked before they can quote on listings – your load will be secured as well as expertly shipped. If you are still hesitating, which one of the transport providers that quoted on your cargo is the best choice, you may always check their profile pages to read reviews from earlier customers. What’s more if there are any questions that you need to ask prior to deciding on a hauler, simply ask them in the comment section on your delivery page. Transport providers are normally quick to respond – as well as share their experience.