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how much is it to ship a pallet in the uK 1

How much is it to send a pallet in the UK?

EUR-pallet is the most popular type of pallet used in the European industry. It was specifically designed for loads transport and storage. Pallets are supposed to be constructed in the way that makes loading...

how to ship a large parcel 2

How to send a large parcel?

Do you want to send a large parcel, but you are not sure which method to choose to keep it cheap, but professional. In the paragraphs below, you will find the comparison of sizes...

Moving furniture - how much does it cost? 4

Moving furniture – how much does it cost?

It sometimes happens that its-a-piece-of-cake things at a first glance, later turn out to be quite difficult to get right. Is that also truth for moving furniture? Surely, there are simple and smooth ways...