How much does it cost to transport motorcycle in the EU?

Do you plan to buy a motorcycle or a scooter abroad? Then the question you are asking yourself now is most probably “How much is it to ship a motorcycle to my country?”. You may also want to take your scooter on holidays in Italy or Spain with you. What do you do then? We will explain in this article, step by step.

There are many ways to tackle this issue. Among the popular means of transport people use to move their single-track vehicles most poeple choose a trailer or a van. They differ in many aspects like cost, protection conditions, equipment needed to name a few.

Both methods have some pros and cons you need to be aware of before choosing THE ONE, that is best for your needs and requirements.

Method 1: Trailer a motorcycle

You ought to remember one thing. No matter which of these you will choose, the key is to secure your motorcycle skilfully with tie-down straps, wheel chocks to prevent a vehicle from tipping to the sides during transport.

Some of you may want to rent a motorcycle trailer to avoid long preparation time. You can single-rail trailer to fit your motorcycle in. There are also dual-rail ones if you need to move two motorcycles 🙂 Don’t want to spend money on renting or buying a special trailer? You can use a regular one, but then strap down the motorcycle safely, so it doesn’t fall off on the road. Remember to tighten it up properly! Otherwise motorcycle may tip.

motorcycle transport


  • Pros: spare space in the car, fairly cheap
  • Cons: extra highway fees


Method 2: Loading motorcycle in a van

Renting a van is surely more expensive than renting a trailer, though it might be worth extra penny just to buy yourself this reassuring feeling that your motorcycle will not fall off on the road, isn’t it?

Securing your vehicle to load it in a van does not differ much from strapping it down on the trailer. Either way, you need to do it properly and scrupulously.


motorcycle transport


You can also transport it in a pallet and strap it to the wooden bars – just make it doesn’t stick out of it. Would you like to know more about it?
Go here:


motorcycle transport


Cost of motorcycle transport within the EU

Trailer: As I already mentioned – renting a trailer is cheaper. In the UK the average cost of a trailer one day rental is  £20-30.  Two days might cost you between £40-60. It depends on how many days you need it for and what type of trailer it is.

Van: Although, renting a van to transport your single-track vehicle might not be the cheapest option it actually can make you feel relaxed, when NOT stressing about whether you secured your motorcycle properly. The wheels may mess the insides of the van, but at least you can be sure it won’t end up on the road.

If you decide to do it by yourself better ask your friend to come and help you. You might appreciate an extra pair of hands when strapping or loading into a van/trailer.

Shipping company: You may consider contacting a shipping company to move your motorcycle for you. It would spare you a few days of preparation. Additionally, it’s quite convenient to set a date, hour and destinated location and have it delivered right at your door (if it’s a door to door service). Below, you can find the cost of such service within the UK and from the UK to other EU countries.

Remember: Once you find the company that suits your needs ask about their insurance policy as well.

Within the UK

Usually, the cost of transport depends on many different aspects among which there are: pick-up and delivery location, type of equipment required for this transport (truck ramp, trailer etc.), length of the route, city and the type of motorcycle that is about to be moved.

According to the transport offered we analysed average transport  on the local UK roads is 56 £ 

UK to France

Generally, the longer the route the lower the price per mile.

In this case the average cost will be  around 320 £ 

UK to Spain

Going for holidays or moving to Spain? You may expect to pay the  cost of around 465 £ 

UK to Germany

It seems that Germany is the cheapest destination country out of the ones I has already written about.

How much is it ?The average  motorcycle transport cost is 435 £. 

UK to other EU countries

If you think about moving your motorcycle to Italy you may pay between 200- 245 £ for such service, depending on the route lenght, company you choose and other aspects I already mentioned in the beginning of the post.

Motorcycle transport to Netherlands might a bit more expensive: 250-319 £. 

Hiring transport company might be a good solution, as it takes the responsibility and all the hassle of securing the motorcycle from you. It might be a good idea to leave it to people for whom it is just another motorcycle transport to do. They know the tricks of the trade.


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