Moving furniture – how much does it cost?

It sometimes happens that its-a-piece-of-cake things at a first glance, later turn out to be quite difficult to get right. Is that also truth for moving furniture? Surely, there are simple and smooth ways to do it. Though, is it expensive? The cost of moving furniture depends on the number of furniture you want to move, pick-up and drop-off localizations, and of course the company that provides the service.

We gathered and analyzed furniture transport cost within the UK and between the UK and other EU countries. If you read on you will find the average costs calculated for particular types of furniture.

Desk, sofa, bed and others – moving cost within the UK

Below you can find the breakdown of average transport cost of different types of furniture.

Furniture Average cost (£)
Desk 70£
Armchair 65£
Sofa 50£
Table 52£
Bed 63£
Wardrobe 52£


Moving furniture - how much does it cost?

When planning a removal costs or simply thinking how much it is to transport a furniture we certainly need to remember that there are different factors that may have an impact on the overall transport cost. Things like size, type, weight of a furniture are very important, so make sure you mention all of them to a transport provider. After all 2 seater sofa is completely different from 3 seater, especially when it comes to transportation.


Furniture transport – does route length matter?

To give you a glimpse of potential transport costs of exemplary furniture I have looked into online transport offers within the UK and this is what I found out:

  • Desk transport:
    • 1-50 miles: between 16 – 80£
    • 50-150 miles: 32 – 96£
    • 150-300 miles: 40 – 136£
    • 300-500 miles: 64 – 152£
  • Armchair transport:
    • 1-50 miles: between 16 – 48£
    • 50-150 miles: 32 – 72£
    • 150-300 miles: 44 – 104£
    • 300-500 miles: 64 – 120£
  • Sofa transport:
    • 1-50 miles: between 20-56£
    • 50-150 miles: 48 – 80£
    • 150-300 miles: 56 – 120£
    • 300-500 miles: 64 – 128£

The prices above depends on the size, type and complexity of the particular furniture. The distance surely influence the cost, but it seems like its has a smaller impact on the price than the factors mentioned earlier. It’s also popular to move table with chairs or sofa, chairs and electronics together in one transport – in the end it’s cheaper than sending each furniture separetly. Would you like to get some more great tips on transport costs? Have a look at our Twitter profile @Clicktrans_com.

Moving furniture - how much does it cost?

International transport 

I have looked at the prizes of furniture transport from United Kingdom to the EU countries – below you can find the result of the analysis.


Furniture (UK -> EU country) Average cost (£)
Desk 114 £
Armchair 98 £
Sofa 167£
Table 104£
Bed 114£
Wardrobe 137 £

What about the transport cost from the EU coutries to the UK. The summary below shows the results I have got after analysing transport costs of  particular furniture moved from the UK to other EU member countries.

If you plan to transport a desk from Paris it may cost you around 72£ . Armchair from Ireland? It’s around 76£ , but from Spain it might cost up to 140£. What about sofas? The average cost of transport from the UK to the EU countries like Sweden, Denmark, France or Germany is 193£ . For table transport it is around 126£. Need to move your bed from Belgium? It’s about 112£.

Obviously, the costs may differ becuase of the size of your furniture, routh lenght and whether you decide to transport it separately or together with other itmes you need to move. Below you can find sample transport auctions on

Table: Denmark to UK 

2 Chairs: UK to Germany

Furniture: Poland to France

Moving your furniture – transport companies

When moving furniture with transport company you don’t need to worry about the size or the type of your furniture – you can give tranpsort provider a detalied desciption and that’s it! Now this is down to the transport company. It’s their responsibility to say whether they have the right vehicle
and equipment to move it.

Moving furniture - how much does it cost?

Would you like to move your furniture with a transport company? Here you can find verified transport providers who will take care of your delivery:

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I'm searching for easy ways to safely transport untypical items. I would like to prove to all our readers that - after some preparations - you can transport just about anything. No matter what the courier says.

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