How much is it to send a pallet in the UK?

EUR-pallet is the most popular type of pallet used in the European industry. It was specifically designed for loads transport and storage. Pallets are supposed to be constructed in the way that makes loading and moving with forklift easier and quicker. It certainly proved to be a great transport tool for years, if not centuries. Though, is this cheap to ship pallets as well? Let’s look into the pallets transport costs in the UK.

Would you imagine that a simple wooden pallet has its own association to assess and ensure the quality of the pallets approved to enter the pallets pool?

Indeed, it has. The European Pallet Association was founded in 1991, and the EUR and EPAL logo may only be used by licensees of that organization.

Therefore, standard EUR-pallet is marked with a commonly seen “EUR (optionally “EPAL”) sign as in the picture below.


pallet transport cost in the UK

source: wikipedia


EUR-pallets sizes and types

The most popular pallets in the “pallet for pallet” European exchange system are EUR and EUR 1. You can find the dimensions in the box below.

  • 1200mm x 800 mm x 144 mm
  • 47.2 in × 31.5 in × 5.7 in
  • weight: 20-25 kg


You may see different names to describe the same type of pallet. “Eur-pallet”, “EUR-pallet”, “Eurpallet”, “euro-pallet” or “europallet” mean the same thing, though “EUR-pallet” is the standard name used in the transport industry.


What exactly can I ship on a pallet?

You can transport large boxes, oversized parcels, metal gates, construction materials, car engines…and many many others.

Usually, the problem with sending a parcel (or multiple parcels) occurs when its dimensions exceed the limits set by delivery companies.

Well, guess what, impossible is nothing 🙂

Your item is oversized, too heavy or has an irregular shape? In that case, pallet transport is something you should consider. Pallets proved to be really convenient when you need to send a non-standard load. You can place your items on a pallet in the way you think is best for transport and strap it down to make sure everything stays in the same place in case of some unexpected shakes 🙂

What can I ship on a pallet?
Mostly, you would ship loads that weigh over 70 kg. Large packages, metal objects, lightweight, but oversized items, heavy items like construction materials, car engines etc.


how much is it to ship a pallet in the uK

Warehouse worker loading truck wit a forklift.


How much is it to ship pallets in the UK?

After analyzing hundreds of transport offers from different transport companies and online couriers we estimated the average cost of transporting a pallet in this UK:

  •  average cost of pallet transport in the UK: £ 118 
  •  average price per [km] in the UK:  £93 

You need to take into account the distance between the pick-up location and delivery location and the weight of your items as well. All these parameters have an impact on the final shipping cost. The estimated numbers provided below can help you determine the cost of transport and factor in the route length.

Distance [km] average price average price/per km
0-100 £ 74 £ 1, 76
100-200 £ 90 £ 0, 67
200-300 £ 108 £ 0, 61 
300-400 £ 163 £ 0, 52
above 400 £ 296 £ 0, 48

How to calculate the weight of my delivery?
The pallet itself weighs 20 to 25 kg. When you check the weight of your delivery, remember to add approx. 25 kg.


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