Pet travels – what animals are transported and where?

Where do pets travel in Europe? The first country we decided to look at is Poland – famous from passionate pet owners and vets. Where do Poles usually outsource transportation of dogs? What are the breeds that get to travel the most? What about cats? Read on to find out more and look at the infographic!

Another question is how do we know all that. As we are an online transport marketplace, we are interested in what and where is being transported in Europe, so we decided to use data to answer the questions that intrigue us and hopefully you as well!

This analysis was created based on thousands animal transport advertisements listed on Clicktrans between 2012-2015.

Main conclusions

  • No surprise here. Poles usually outsource transportation of a dog or puppy from Poland to the UK. The average cost of transporting a pet to the British Isles is 160£ (792 PLN)
  • Dogs get to travel the most! Although there has been a decrease in dogs transport advertisements. Cats seem to take over attention, as they normally do in everyday life 🙂 . In 2014 there was a 70% increase of interest in transporting cats abroad, a similar trend maintained in 2015.

Where do pets travel?

We expected that animals may follow their owners, who decided to leave Poland and settle in another European country.

According to data, we were right. Poles outsource the transportation of animals to those European Union countries which are the most popular trends of emigration. The most popular destinations are the Western countries:

The United Kingdom (63%),

Ireland (12%)

Germany (7%)

Spain (3%),

The Netherlands (3%)

France (2%)

Norway (2%)

Italy (2%).

Between 2013-2015, the number of animals transported to Spain decreased severely.  The interest in this category dropped by significant 30%.

How do pets travel?

If you plan to travel with your pet by car or send it with a transport company there are some important steps to follow.

Here is an article on how to prepare your dog for a trip and another useful bunch of information on cat travels here:


Dogs are the most frequently transported animals.

There are six breeds that Poles transport most frequently, among them:

York (12%), Labrador (10%), shih-tzu (7%), German shepherd (4%), miniature pinscher (4%) and Maltese (4%).


pet transport

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