How much is it to transport motorcycle in the UK?

Many of you may start looking for this answer considering that you will need some time to choose, buy or simply repair it before the season starts. We will help you to get ready and advice where and how to find the best transport solution for shipping motorcycle in the UK. Then, it’s just down to weather conditions. Let’s just hope you will choose the right destination weather-wise and enjoy fully!

One thing is that if you have an access or you own a vehicle suitable for transport and you have enough time to do it yourself you surely can. In most cases, you need to sacrifice your whole day, so it’s neither comfortable nor time-saving option.

If you plan to hire a transport company to transport your motorcycle you are probably most interested in the estimated cost of such service.

I analysed hundreds of transport jobs, both long and short routes, motorcycles and scooters transported by various transport companies. In the following paragraph,
I will provide you with the results of this analysis.

Just to give you the basics: Motorcycles and scooters are often transported in vans (e.g. Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, Volkswagen Transporter, Peugeot Boxer etc.)

How much does it cost to transport a motorcycle in the UK?Cost

It might differ depending on the pick-up and delivery location, the size of your motorcycle and the company you choose. The most crucial factor that influences the price that you are offered is whether this company already plan the same trip with other goods. The mechanism is fairly obvious- if they benefit somehow from the transport job you give them, they are more willing to compete for your listing and offer you a better quote.

Therefore, if you find the transport provider already going the same route your shipment needs to go, you might be surprised to get a quote even 30-60% lower comparing to the regular price.

Route length

1. Up to 200 miles

When it comes to the short routes, the main factor that influences the price is the time transport provider needs to allocate for getting to the pick-up location, loading and unloading. The number of miles is not the main factor, that impacts the price.

The average cost of motorcycle transport up to 200 miles is  54 £  .

2. Between 200 – 300 miles

It is fairly popular to transport motorcycles within this distance in the UK. The average cost of it is  68 £.  If we look at the cost per mile it is 0,35 £./mile. 

3. Above 300 miles

When analysing transport jobs we found that the average cost of it is   88 £.  If we look at the cost per mile it is 0,19 £./mile. 


How much does it cost to transport a motorcycle in the UK?


Remember that the costs mentioned above are only estimated. Obviously, every case is different and this analysis is here just to provide you with a reference point when negotiating prices or simply comparing them. It should give you much more confidence though 🙂

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Here are the sample transport jobs we took into account in the analysis:

Scooter transport from Germany to Dublin

How much does it cost to transport a motorcycle in the UK?

Two motorcycles + 1 motorcycle caravan

How much does it cost to transport a motorcycle in the UK?

What are your experience by the way? Have you ever hired a transport provider to ship your motorcycle? If so, share your thoughts! In the end, you think you should’ve done that yourself or you are happy with the service provided?

If you are interested in transporting a motorcycle within the EU here is an article you should look up:

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  1. Doc says:

    Don’t know where you get your prices from for bike transportation but they would not even cover the fuel for the van let alone the time of the driver.
    Average cost is around £2.50p /mile.

  2. Chris says:

    Hi, is the costing mileage from delivery drivers home to pick up point, to destination then back home

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