How to move a sofa: tips & cost

One of the most commonly transported furniture is a sofa. This comfortable, every household must-have furniture is a king of local and international routs. Whether you plan to move your sofa with a transport company or DIY, there are some basic instructions to follow that may help you make it a hassle-free experience.

In the beginning of this article I will try to give you a closer look at different methods for transporting your sofa. After we tackle that, I will touch upon the cost of transport that you may need to factor in.

Moving your sofa – tips & tricks

Surely, there are different sizes and types of sofas – for us it might be just a matter of taste, but when it comes to transport, these features are really important. So, before you decide to carry your sofa up or down the stairs, first use a measuring tape and check if it fits through the door and examine the path it needs to go. To utilise this particular path, you need to make sure it is clear of all potential obstacles like low ceiling, narrow corridors, passages, unwanted objects.

Remember to remove all loose parts that may move while you carry your sofa. These may be pillows, feet, matresses etc.  You may decide to move cushions and mattress separately from the frame and feet. If so, remember to tie off the frame.

Find out how heavy is your sofa. They tend to differ in size and weight – you need to know these parameters as well as sofa’s dimensions.How to transport a sofa: tips & cost

If it comes staight from a store it will be covered with original package. Although, if it’s not a new product you will need to take care of it yourself. Try to find foil, bubble wrap or a blanket to wrap it. Sponge may come in handy too. If you have everything set and ready you can put your sofa on a cardboard and start sliding it on the stairs.  You will need a hand with that, if it is possible three people would be enough. Try not to take more than 50kg per person.

To sum everything up:

1. Check sofa’s dimensions & weight
2. Clear the path you plan to use
3. Remove loose parts
4. Plan/ rehearse the moves
5. Carry the frame separately
6. Put your sofa on a cardboard, tie it off, slide it on the stairs

How much does it cost to move a sofa?How to transport a sofa: tips & trics

Clearly, it depends on many things like:

  • the pick-up and delivery location
  • weight, type, dimensions
  • any special equipment required
  • It’s also important to let transport provider know whether your sofa needs any special equipment to be moved safely.

Within the UK ->  Average cost is 50 £

When we take distance into account the average costs are as follows:

  • Sofa transport:
    • 1-50 miles: between 20-56£
    • 50-150 miles: 48 – 80£
    • 150-300 miles: 56 – 120£
    • 300-500 miles: 64 – 128£

International transport 

UK – > EU countries -> average cost of sofa transport is 167  £

EU countries -> UK -> average cost of sofa transport is 193 £

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Move a sofa with transport company

You don’t need to do everything yourself. It might be that you are now in the middle of a busy period at work or you simply want to tackle on other things than becoming a skilled mover  🙂 If so, let someone else do it for you.

Looking for transport company by scrolling though google searches and checking each and every company separately makes little sense, as it is still noticeably time-consuming.

Try online transport marketplace, where you can access and communicate with thousands of verified transport providers. Here are the sample sofa transport auctions:


Sofa Kępno (PL) – Radeburg (DE)

Distance: 347.20 km

Cost: 47 £






Sofa 2 and 3 seater Bralin – London

Distance: 1483.40 km

Cost : 153 £

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