How to transport an armchair

Ever bought an armchair online and wondered what is the best way to transport it home? Or maybe you are moving and need to safely ship your armchairs to your new home? In this article you’ll find all the basic info about armchair transportation as well as the costs of such a service.

The first thing to do is to check the exact dimensions of your armchair. This rule is especially important when it comes to upholstered armchairs, where the actual area  you sit in is much smaller than the whole chair (because of the often elaborate backrest and armrests). So it’s very important to double-check the dimensions – it may turn out that your “humble” armchair, which barely fits you while you read, is much too big to be transported in a car boot.

Common armchair dimensions:

width x height x depth
23-41 x 29-41 x 24-41 in.; weight: 13-88 lbs

28-34 x 30-39 x 28-37 in.; weight: 11-48 lbs

22-29 x 36-51 x 20-29 in.; weight: 24-50 lbs

Upholstery armchairs are definitely the hardest to transport – mainly because there is nothing for you to dismantle and you have to ship them in one piece. This means that you need a certain amount of free space in your car boot – you have to be able to fit the armchair easily, so that you don’t tear the upholstery. Additionally, you should wrap the armchair with stretch foil – this will help to prevent the upholstery from getting dirty or torn during transportation.

Wooden armchairs are slightly easier to transport. Some of them can be dismantled, and even if they can’t, they are less prone to damage than upholstery chairs. There is one exception to that rule – armchairs made from softwood (e.g. pinewood) – but generally wooden chairs are more resilient than upholstered ones. Please note that wooden armchairs can be very heavy, so be careful while moving or (ideally) ask for assistance.

wooden chair


The easiest chairs to transport are office chairs. If you lack space in your car boot for your office chair, you can dismantle it (or just some parts of it – such as the backrest). Remember to wrap the chair with stretch foil or bubble wrap to protect all of the upholstered parts. If you have to dismantle any part of the chair, make sure you have all the screws in one place (e.g. ziplock bag).

But what if you’ve bought an armchair online and the previous owner doesn’t provide a shipping service? Or if you are moving to a new home and your car boot is not big enough to fit your armchair? In that case it is best to seek help from a professional transport provider.

Transporting an armchair with a transport company

If you can find a transport provider who is going to travel via the route you need, and therefore your armchair can be only a part of his load, you will be able to get a better price for the shipping service. Moreover, when you decide to hire a transport provider, you can also request help with loading and unloading.

upholstered armchairs


Price for armchair transportation

The cost of armchair transportation obviously depends on the dimensions and weight of the chair as well as the route length. Also, the transport provider may want to raise the price if your armchair is made of delicate materials that will be prone to damage during shipment.

Below you will find some sample offers for armchair transportation. All the prices come from real quotes on transport marketplace

Office chair from Ipswich (UK) to Cieszyn (Poland)  for £113

Eames Lounge Chair from Cologne (Germany) to London (UK)  for £134



I'm searching for easy ways to safely transport untypical items. I would like to prove to all our readers that - after some preparations - you can transport just about anything. No matter what the courier says.

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