Moving Home – how much does it cost?

Have you ever wondered what’s the best season for Home Removals? Our statistics show that it’s… August ! People who change their address often choose June, July and September.

What is the cost of moving home, if you’re planning to use the help of a transport provider?

Let’s calculate it!

The cost of home removal depends on numerous factors, e.g.:

  • type of a vehicle (luggage van, removal van)
  • total time of removal (including stops)
  • extra help with load in and load out
  • accessibility of elevators (if you need help with load in and load out)
  • number of people needed for load in and load out
  • distance to destination (for long distance removals)
  • dates of removal (business days, weekend, holiday)
  • packaging materials and cartons provided by transport company.

Transport providers tend to charge hourly in the case of removals within the same city. Hiring a man with a van costs around 40-70 EUR/hour. Need a help of 2 guys? Be prepared to pay around 50-80 EUR/hour. Is an elevator accessible in your building? Good for you. Many transport providers take this fact into account, when you ask them for quotes. In the case of moving further routes within the country amounts are higher: loading and unloading will cost over 60 EUR/hour and additionally you will need to pay for the distance covered by the company.

If this new chapter in your life is connected with moving to a completely new place, far far away…Check how much it is going to cost you.

Some companies charge extra for the return trip, so don’t forget to ask!  Also, remember to add up the taxes e.g. VAT to the total cost of removal.

The greatest option to minimize the cost of moving home is to use the help of transport provider who is going there anyway.

The most important is to make your relocation hassle free and safe.

Moving Home - how much does it cost?

International removals cost

We analyzed listings for Removals category at Clicktrans and we estimated costs of moving home within Europe.

The average cost of moving home between European countries is over  600-800 EUR.

Cost of house removal Italy – Portugal: approx.  800-1000 EUR .


Cost of house removal United Kingdom – Estonia: approx.  750- 900 EUR 


Cost of moving home from Netherlands to Spain: approx.  450-650 EUR .


Cost of moving home from Switzerland to Netherlands: approx. 450-550 EUR .


Cost of moving home from Germany to France: approx. 300-500 EUR .



The removal agreement
Don’t forget to sign the removal agreement in which you should include a detailed description of transportation services.

You can list your House Removal here


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