How to transport a scooter?

If you hire transport company to move your scooter from one place to another, it would be best if it’s delivered in a way better shape than when you would decide to drive the whole distance yourself.

If you put your mind to figuring out the safest and hassle-free way to transport it, your sigle-track vehicle will be grateful to you for that 🙂

Thanks to some useful protection tips you can avoid damage, dents and scrapings that are likely to happen when a scooter is not well cared for during transport.

Let’s dive into details!

The key to success is to make sure your moped is protected from moving to the sides.

„ For a scooter to stay still during transport we need to make sure that its not tilted to the side and that there is no option that it will shift around” – said Dariusz Kikoła, owner of PHU Derek – company specializing in selling bikes, scooters and motorcycles.

Depending on the size of scooter you can choose transport methods similar to these used when transporting a motorcycle – transporting scooter in a van or on the trailer.

Below, you can find another one – transporting on a pallet:

1. Make sure that the scooter does not stick out of the pallet

how to transport a scooter

2. Strap down the following elements:

Transport skutera

– scooter trunk (both sides)

Transport skutera

– floorboard

Transport skutera

 – panels holding the handlebar
3.  Protect the scooter  with a strech foil

Transport skutera

4. Wait for  transport provider to load the scooter with a forklift

If you are planning to buy or transport a scooter you can get multiple quotes and compare them here:




I bring up various aspects of transport into discussion. I am particularly interested in the role of human beings in transport world and the other way around - how this environment influences transporters.

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