How to move furniture?

Need to transport your furniture? Challenge accepted!

Use this guide to find out how to deliver your furniture on your own. Furniture is a fragile type of load, that’s why you need to secure it in order to prevent any unwanted surprises. If you don’t want to see your furniture scratched or damaged, and at the same time you’d like to save some money, you can secure the load on your own.

 How to move furniture? - sofa

Secure your load like a pro

First of all, you need to remove all stuff from your wardrobe and drawers. Next, consider if it would be better to take it apart, dismantle it or transport it in one piece. Don’t bother to disassemble the furniture if it’s unnecessary, as it might lose its stability. However, if you are going to deliver larger pieces of furniture (as e.g. wardrobe) – you will need to dismantle it first. Make sure to measure the doorway and staircase before it turns out that your furniture can’t get through!

Next thing you need to bear in mind is proper load security. The greatest idea is to use stretch foil. Secure your furniture with cardboard, bubble wrap, polyurethane foam or blankets – and if you think it’s necessary, wrap it tightly with stretch foil.

  You can be sure that your furniture is safe when you wrap it up at least 3 times. 

How to move furniture? - package


Get ready!

Your furniture is secured, so now it’s time to arrange the delivery.

You have so many options! If you want to transport larger pieces of furniture e.g. wardrobe, bed or a chest of drawers, consider the help of Removal Company which can be easily found online. Alternatively, you may list your delivery at Clicktrans where you can find transportation companies looking for extra load. As they are going there anyway, they will give you their best quotes.

When you want to transport smaller pieces, you may want to use courier services or select one of courier brokers. Eventually, you may transport your furniture on your own or with a helping hand of your friends.

Before you grab your furniture or call a transport provider, make sure you arranged a spare parking lot for that time.  You don’t like the idea of a long walk with a heavy load on your shoulders? We guess no one does.

How to move furniture? - van

Move it!

Your furnishings are heavy and large? Use special security belts.

They allow you to lift your furniture in such a way, that the lifting capacity is enhanced, and at the same time the risk of spinal cord injury is minimized, as it forces you to keep your back straight. What you may find handy are various forklifts, platforms and tail lifts which help you skip the hoisting part.

How to move furniture?


How much does it cost to deliver furniture?

Furniture delivery cost depends on many factors e.g. number of pieces, weight, width and height, the distance from pick up to delivery, and additional services included (e.g. loading and unloading). If your delivery is urgent, make sure to let the transport provider know.

If you’d like to get quotes for Furniture Delivery, list your item at Clicktrans.




I'm searching for easy ways to safely transport untypical items. I would like to prove to all our readers that - after some preparations - you can transport just about anything. No matter what the courier says.

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