How to transport an air conditioner

During summer time the popularity of air conditioners increases. Do you own or willing to buy air cooler? Do you plan to transport it? Find our tips and prices of air conditioner removal.

Air conditioner is a type of equipment that is particularly prone to damage. It has to be transported with a special care. If you buy air conditioner online, usually the transport is included in the service. What should you do when you want to transport on your own used air conditioner?

shipping an air conditioner

Prepare air cooler for transportation

Well-prepared package is always a key to success. Secured equipment is more resistant to any movement on the road. If you have an original package the preparation is simpler. Simply use the material given by the producer because it is perfectly adjusted to the size of your air conditioner.

If you don’t have that option, find a cardboard box similar to the size of the equipment. Wrap the air cooler with bubble wrap. Empty space in the box fill with styrofoam. If you have a chance, put the package on the wood pallets for extra safety. It makes it easier to transport the item.

The position of air conditioner

It is crucial to transport it upright. It must stand on dry and horizontal surface. It is especially important when you transport used equipment. Different approach may cause a permanent damage of cooling system.

Cooperation with transport company

You don’t own a suitable vehicle to transport air conditioner by yourself? The best solution may be hiring a transport company. During searching for the right provider don’t forget to check if the company offers carrier liability insurance. It gives you a chance for compensation if the cargo is damaged on the road. You can find reliable providers on online marketplace such as

After the transportation

You need to remember about the last but not least thing. Air conditioner cannot be used at least 2 hours after the arrival. You can wait even 24 hours if it is possible. You should check the user’s manual, every producer gives a specific recommendation on that. Don’t miss that step!

Cost of the shipping air conditioner

As always prices depend on the road length and its type (domestic or international).

For transporting consumer electronics on international routes you’ll pay approx. £40-80.

Air conditioner from Zielona Góra (Poland) to Stockholm (Sweden)  for £40

Air conditioner from Michelstadt (Germany) to Barlinek (Poland)   for £80

Find out how much you can save on shipping:



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