How to transport windows?

Window glass is extremely fragile, thus needs special treatment when transported in a truck, by yourself or with a transport company. Easily said, but how you actually do it?

Good preparation is the key

Having in mind the phrase from the intro, it’s better to hire transport provider, who already knows all the tricks of the trade.

Before you start searching for a company that will do that for you, first prepare windows for shipping.

Below you can find a handful of useful tips to follow:

  • Your windows should be secured and wrapped with stretch foil. If you plan to ship more than one window and stack them up and make sure that there is a cartoon or thin layer of sponge between them. This way you will minimize the chance of breakage.
  • The best way to ship windows would be to use a wooden stillage, to ensure proper support and stability.
  • To ensure extra safety use ropes, safety belts and securing mats. You can also wrap them in a foam-sheeting to prevent scratches or pane breakage.

jak zorganizować transport okien?


It’s worth to ask transport provider whether he is able to provide a wooden stillage to support windows during transport. Oftentimes, transport companies charge extra for this.


It’s not ideal to transport windows while stacked flat. If you can try to transport them stacked upright.

How much does it cost to transport a window?

You need to be aware of different factors that will impact the transport cost. It varies depending on:

  1. Which transport providers you will choose
  2. Where your window needs to go and what’s the pickup point
  3. What’s the size of the window?
  4. Do you want to transport one window, window glass separately or do you have some other stuff to move as well?
  5. What’s the length of the route? Can your transport provider deliver it as a return load? The cost might be lower than usual.


Within the UK the cost of transporting windows varies quite a bit when you factor in conditions I mentioned above.

Below you can find the summary of realized transport jobs, that will give you an idea of how much money you may need to spend to transport your windows on a certain route.

window transport

Tip 1
If the windows you want to ship are quite old, remember to secure particularly fragile elements. Those that are removable (e.g. knobs, handles) can be transported in a box, wrapped in a bubble foil.


Transport in the UK

Windows transport up to 80 km

Depending on how many of them you want to transport the cost will be different. Remember to check the exact size of the window and pass the dimensions onto the transport provider.

For such service, you will pay between  £30-45 

If you need to ship it, let’s say between Surrey and West Sussex or London and Kent you might expect a similar quote from your transport provider.

Do you need to transport a double window? The cost might be slightly higher. You can expect to pay around £50.


Tip 2
Is your window single or double blazed? Is it already secured? Is it new or was the pane already broken? Transport provider may ask you to describe your delivery in details. Prepare the answers to the questions I mentioned above prior to meeting with the transport company representative. This will make the communication easier and quicker.

Windows transport between 80 – 150 km

Trying to transport windows from Cheshire to Northamptonshire? This might cost around £40-50 

When building a house you will rather prefer to buy elements like windows, doors, the floor at the same time. It’s worth to consider transporting all of them in one truck. The average cost of such service would be  from £90 to £120

What about window shutters? You can expect to pay around £70 for transporting them as far as 80-150 km from the pickup location.

Windows transport above 150 km

Need to move windows from Cornwall to West Midlands? Would you like to know the cost of long-distance shipping?

The average of cost of sending windows with a transport provider further than 150 km from the pickup location varies between  £80-£150 


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I'm searching for easy ways to safely transport untypical items. I would like to prove to all our readers that - after some preparations - you can transport just about anything. No matter what the courier says.

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