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Bridgeport CNC Milling Machine (No. 2420216)

Item length [m]:


Item width [m]:


Item height [m]:


Total weight [kg]:


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Type of service:

Transportation only

Is it palletised?:


Distance: 898.00 km

Pick-up address and date

United Kingdom, England, Holt

From 5 Mar 2018 to 6 Mar 2018

Delivery address and date

United Kingdom, Moray, Elgin

From 6 Mar 2018 to 7 Mar 2018

Industrial equipment

A transportation of machines and industrial equipment is a very wide expression associated with a relatively not easy method of a transport. It results from the size of the machinery. The dimensions are very diversified conditioned by their purpose, but a few of them are quite big.

To ship machines or industrial equipment, specialized freighters tailored to the huge machinery are often used. It happenes that it is needed to obtain a special consent for a transport of such freight. You need to call a transport company and examine that point together with an aim to prevent any obstacles when travelling.

If you are considering that kind of transportation, you may check a freight exchange service like Clicktrans.com. As a result of that, a lot of transport providers having diversified transport vehicles would be aware of your order and as a result, you will have to pay favourable price for the delivery.

As machinery elements such as tractors, electrical transformers or alternative agricultural or construction machines are high-priced, it is worth choosing the companies which have an insurance policy for the transported machinery.