Wardrobe transport – how much does it cost?

When you buy a wardrobe online or even in a furniture store you can’t always be sure that the transport will be provided. Then the affordable price which attracted you to this particular listing or store becomes questionable. Why? You still need to factor transport cost in.

It gets even more complicated when it is the antique furniture you need to move. If you have already transported some fragile or valuable furniture you know how much preparation time it needs before the transport. Dismantling, packing separate elements, wrapping – it’s time and extra equipment that generate additional costs.

Wardrobe transport - how much does it cost?

Moving wardrobe – choose your transport company

Do it wisely! How? Try to compare offers that companies make and choose the one that suits you best. The one that’s affordable and provides good quality service. You probably need some more information at this point…so here you go!

We analysed hundreds of wardrobe transport offers, so it’s easier for you to get up on moving costs you should take into account. Look at the costs of local transport within the UK and then check the international prices (UK<=>EU). Would you like to get some more great tips on transport costs? Have a look at our Twitter profile @Clicktrans_com.

Wardrobe transport within the UK

It turned out that you can move your wardrobe for around  53£ .  Of course the cost may vary depending on the size, age, and fragility of your furniture.

The smartest way to trim transport costs is to find a company that is already going towards the same destination and has some spare room for your wardrobe. If you find such an opportunity the prices may be even lower compared with the market rates.

Another important factor is whether you can dismantle your furniture or not. If you need to move it in one piece it will take more space…and more money.

Protip: Make sure your wardrobe is covered with a stretch foil or pieces of carton. It will prevent it from damage and scratches, that may otherwise happen.

International transport

Would you like to transport your wardrobe from the UK to France? It might cost between 100-200£. Wardrobe transport from Germany? It might be around 140£. Again, it depends on the length of the route and size of the furniture. The average cost of transport form the UK to other EU countries is  137,6£ .Wardrobe transport - how much does it cost?

Interested to see other international transport auctions ? Here are the examples:

Wardrobe transport (Eindhoven to Amsterdam, Holland)

Wardrobe transport (Miedzyborz ,PL – Bristol, UK)

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