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My favourite path in Pomeranian Voivodeship is the one that I have known for years. The road seems to be ideal for those who begin their journey with bicycles yet it is diversified when it comes to the terrain and everybody can find something for themselves. The total trail is not extremely long and it takes about 10 km.

The path starts near my place of residence in the ArtPark in Bolszewo. It is a newly created place where you can rest, have a walk or play with your children. There is a playground designed especially for the youngest inhabitants everybody can spend their free time safely. Bolszewo is a fast-developing village in the northern part of the region, next to Wejherowo. Although the place has become more and more urbanized, still there are beautiful places to discover during cycling tours. One of them is the road I would like to promote.

Heading to the North, I need to direct to Polna street which begins with an interesting fence made of colorful crayons on the right side and with the shrine on the left. The street is a quiet road where I can feel the gist of traditional Polish village. Apart from modern bungalows, I can notice old and quaint cottage houses. Also, there are golden fields of barley where farmers can be found in the summer. What I like the most is the sound of crowing cocks and barking dogs curious about who is interrupting their peace and quiet. Then, I am following this street up to the bridge and a dozen or so meters further I am entering the forest turning right. It is a great place to hide from the sun.

Next, I should put some effort there as the terrain is a little bit uphill. After a while, there is a downhill so I can speed up but usually, I do not do it because I prefer to admire picturesque views of the forest and hear its absolute silence or amazing birds’ song. It has a beneficial impact on me after the long week of rush and tiredness.

The place I am always waiting for is where the asphalt begins. On the left-hand side, I can rest next to the small water tank and waterfall. However, the best thing is that opposite you can find real horses! They have a special place to rest and eat grass. Sometimes it is even possible to stroke and gives them something delicious to eat.

After a short break, I am continuing my journey, I am heading East to the place called Miga that used to be a tiny village. Now there are several houses and military area. At the end of the road, I can reach the 218 road leading to the seaside. I decide to turn left to the narrow asphalt road just before the 218. It is a real challenge for me as the road is steep and spiral. I am doing my best to reach its end and see the 218 road once again. And when I do, I am proud of myself because I know the hardest part of my path is behind me. Next, I have to intersect the 218 road and get to the professional cycle path.

After a while, I am turning right to Kąpino but I am not going to the village itself, I turn left and direct to Leśnictwo Kąpino. This is another easy road where you can meet other bikers, rollerbladers or runners who always greet you with politely “hello”. Heading north for a while I am reaching my destination.

It is Muza, a recreational place with benches and tables and place for a campfire and barbecue. I definitely deserve a grilled sausage, or two!

This bicycle path is special to me as I will never get bored of it. Every time I go for a round, I am curious about the places I saw many times and every time something is different.   The proximity of nature while keeping fit at the same time is what I love the most!

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