Moving a snowboard – how to do it

There’s still a while before the winter will begin, but temperature is dropping almost every day. It rises hope for all the snowboard-lovers! Do you plan on transporting a snowboard? It’s best to arrange such a trip carefully, so that the equipment could safely arrive to its place of destination. In this article, you will find everything you have to know when transporting a snowboard!

Snowboard may seem like one of the easiest items to transport – its dimensions are not huge, so we usually think of it as one of the items meant to be transported by oneself. However you should remember, that snowboards are also quite prone to damage if transported incorrectly. Be sure to find the best way to safely transport a snowboard.

The first thing to choose is how do you want to ship your snowboard. Choosing the right method can impact the safety of your equipment in a big way.

Ways of transporting a snowboard

Which way will be the best depends on:

  • How will you be travelling to your destination? Are you driving or taking public transport?
  • Whether you want to transport just the snowboard or you have more items to ship.
  • Whether or not you are moving to a new home and the snowboard is just a part of your belongings.
  • Whether you will be transporting the snowboard yourself or do you plan on hiring a moving company.
  • Whether or not you want to secure the snowboard yourself (you can let the transport provider do that for you).

How to move a snowboard:

  • With hired transport provider
  • In the boot of your car
  • On the roof of your car (in a roof box)
  • On the roof of your car (on a roof rack)

Size of a snowboard

Be sure to check it carefully! It’s best to measure the snowboard yourself, instead of relying on the dimensions given by the manufacturer. You need to be certain you (or the transport provider) have enough room in your vehicle to safely transport your snowboard.

Children’s snowboards usually are 31-35 in. (80-90 cm) long.

As for teens and adults, the standard snowboard length is approx. 62 in. (157 cm). Remember that snowboard sizes are measured in centimeters – it’s a common practice for the manufacturers to use just last 2 digits when describing size of a snowboard (here it would be 57).

Transporting a snowboard on a car roof

You can transport the snowboard yourself, in a roof box or on a roof rack on top of your car.

Transporting a snowboard inside a car
As you must know, all the loose items inside your car can become a serious danger to you and your passengers during emergency braking or in case of an accident. That’s why we advise you against it. There are other, infinitely safer ways of transporting a snowboard.

Roof rack

As the name suggests, it is a set of bars installed on a roof of a car. You can safely fasten a snowboard to the bars and therefore transport it without damaging.

While searching for a roof rack, you will come across several different types – the main difference is how they are installed on a car roof. The least problematic are magnetic roof racks (as they do not require additional equipment nor drilling holes in any part of a car) – however you need to make sure that the car roof is properly cleaned before installing a magnetic roof rack. Otherwise the roof rack can come off on the road. A magnetic roof rack is also very easy to detach from the roof. It’s a possible advantage for you – but also for anyone who would wish to steal it.

The price of a roof rack usually depends on its size and what it is made of.

Roof box

Many snowboarders recommend this way of transporting snowboards. A roof box will easily hold not only several snowboards but also additional items – like your helmet and snowboard clothing.

If you are planning a snowboard trip with friends (3 or more), you should buy a bigger roof box. Smaller ones are able to fit up to 2 snowboards.

Pros and cons of transporting a snowboard on a car roof
+ safer than transporting inside of a car
+ a snowboard won’t tear the upholstery
+ a snowboard is protected from weather conditions (in a roof box)
+ you can transport your helmet and snowboard clothings as well (in a roof box)
– additional weight for the car (affects the speed)
– usually a roof box/rack causes higher fuel consumption
– a snowboard is not protected against sand and salt (roof rack)
– a snowboard is not protected against weather conditions (roof rack)

A couple of advices on how to place a snowboard on a car roof:

  1. The nose of a snowboard should be facing down – it reduces the air resistance
  2. The tail of a snowboard should be directed to the front of a car
  3. If you are transporting more than one snowboard, it’s best not to place then on top of each other.

Transporting a snowboard with a transport provider

Not sure which way of transportation to choose? You can hire someone to transport it for you. It’s safer and can be cheaper than you think – especially if the transport provider is already travelling on the route that interests you.

Pros of transporting a snowboard with a transport provider

  • you save time
  • you don’t have to worry about the safest way to transport your snowboard
  • you can count on hauler’s knowledge and experience
  • you can request help with loading and unloading

Cons of transporting a snowboard with a transport provider

  • Hiring a professional transport provider may cost you a bit more

Sample offer from an online transport marketplace –

Snowboard from Newport (UK) to Lublin (Poland) for £31


I'm searching for easy ways to safely transport untypical items. I would like to prove to all our readers that - after some preparations - you can transport just about anything. No matter what the courier says.

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