How to transport a quad bike

Quad bikes, also known as ATVs (all-terrain vehicles), are becoming more and more popular these days. Would you like to know what you need to safely transport a quad bike? Or is it better to leave the transportation to professional transport providers? In this article you’ll find all the basic info.

The question of how to safely transport a quad bike will arise not only if you’ve bought a quad bike online and want to ship it home, but also if you are planning a weekend trip. What is the safest and most convenient way to ship a quad bike?

After securing it properly, you can transport a quad bike on a trailer behind your car.  However, you need to be careful not to exceed the maximum permissible mass of the vehicle. Apart from the car weight and the trailer weight, you also must consider the weight of the quad bike itself. This usually varies from 660 to 880 lb.

Transporting a quad bike on a trailer

how to ship a quad bike

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Of course, the safest and most convenient way of transporting a quad bike by yourself is to use a trailer that is dedicated to shipping quad bikes. Unlike a regular trailer, a quad bike trailer has 4-6 hooks that allow you to fasten your quad bike properly, as well as flat ramp angle for easier loading and unloading. However, such trailers are quite expensive, and that’s why we recommend them mainly for people who plan to transport quad bikes regularly on longer routes.

You can transport a quad bike safely on a regular trailer – just make sure that it won’t move during transportation. You can do that easily using lashing belts. If there is no place on your trailer to fasten the belts, consider transporting your quad bike on a pallet or a crate. This way you’ll be able to secure your quad bike properly, regardless of its size and dimensions.

Transporting a quad bike by yourself will work over shorter distances as long as you remember to secure it safely. However, if you plan to ship a quad bike on longer routes (e.g. if you buy a quad bike online and wish to transport it home), we advise against it. Transporting an ATV on a trailer for long periods of time can damage the vehicle and may cause the quad bike’s parts to wear out quicker.

Transporting a quad bike with a transport company

What if you don’t have a trailer or for some reason do not want to transport a quad bike by yourself? That’s when it’s best to hire a professional to help with transportation.

If you want to personally prepare your quad bike for transportation, remember to secure it similarly to all fragile cargos. All the elements especially prone to damage should be wrapped in cardboard, bubble foil or stretch foil.  You also should be careful when choosing a transport provider for the job. If you can, check the feedback given to the transport provider by previous customers – that’s always the most reliable source of knowledge about the quality of the service. 

the best way to transport a quad bike

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Prices for quad bike transportation

The cost of quad bike transportation mostly hinges on the dimensions and weight of the vehicle, as well as the route length. Another price-defining factor is whether the route is international. Below you’ll find sample offers for quad bike transportation. All the prices come from real quotes on transport marketplace

For transporting a quad bike on international routes you’ll pay around £180-200:

A quad bike from Southampton (UK) to Wrocław (Poland)  for £182

A quad bike from Glasgow City (UK) to Kościerzyna (Poland)  for £202

Find out how much you could save on shipping a quad bike!


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