How to transport a mower

There is more to spring and summer than just warmer weather and getting sun daily. It is also the time when we have to start mowing our lawn again! Ever wondered how to safely transport a mower (e.g. if you buy one online) and how much it might cost? In this article you will find all the basic info.

Choosing the best way to transport a mower depends mostly on its size. Popular lawnmowers are rarely longer than 1 m, which means that they will easily fit in most cars. Transporting bigger machines – for example tractor mowers – will require professional help.

Transporting a lawnmower

As mentioned, lawnmowers can be transported by car. To do so safely, you should remember:

  1. Secure the lawnmower properly.
    You should transport a lawnmower in a box adjusted to its size (the less free space is left after placing the machine in the box, the better). Ideally, you should use the lawnmower’s original packaging. If you no longer have it, fill all the empty space in the box with styrofoam or sponges (these will absorb any jolting during shipping). Also, before placing the mower in the box, you should wrap the machine in bubble wrap.
  2. Before shipping, drain the lawnmower of all liquids.
    On the road, you can’t predict everything – even if you have secured your lawnmower properly, it can tilt during a sudden turn or emergency braking. This can cause the fuel to flood spark plugs or filters, which may lead to serious damage.
  3. Transport the lawnmower upright.
    Even if you are sure that you have drained all the liquids, it is safer to transport the lawnmower upright. This way you can be certain that any remnants of fuel or oil will not flood the spark plugs.
  4. Detach all the removable elements and transport them separately.
    The safest way to do this is to wrap every element in bubble wrap.

If you do not have a car big enough to transport a mower or you have to transport a tractor mower or agricultural mower, you can hire a professional transport provider. How much will it cost?


Cost of lawnmower transportation

transporting a lawnmower

Lawnmower; source:

As mentioned before, customers usually decide to transport a lawnmower on their own. Most of the listings for lawnmower transportation concern international routes – bargain prices are certainly an advantage.

For transporting a lawnmower on international routes you will pay around £20–50.

A lawnmower from Milton Keynes (UK) to Łowicz (Poland)  for £25

A lawnmower from Southhampton (UK) to Łódź (Poland)  for £41


Cost of tractor mower transportation

transporting a tractor mower

Tractor mower; source:

A tractor mower is much bigger and heavier than a lawnmower, so in most cases it cannot be transported by a regular car. The cost of hiring a transport provider depends not only on the route length but also on whether or not you will need help with loading and unloading.

For transporting a tractor mower you will pay approx. £100–150.

A tractor mower from Maidstone (UK) to Płońsk (Poland)  for £104

A tractor mower from Dartford (UK) to Puławy (Poland) for  £135

Cost of agricultural mower transportation

transporting an agricultural mower

Agricultural mower; source:

An agricultural mower is usually used to mow large, flat areas. You probably will not have much use for it in your garden, but it will come in handy if you have a field or a meadow to mow. The machine is usually about 3 metres wide and can only be used with a tractor.

For transporting an agricultural mower you will pay about £400-£550.

An agricultural mower from Rawa Mazowiecka (Poland) to Glenoe (UK)  for £520


I'm searching for easy ways to safely transport untypical items. I would like to prove to all our readers that - after some preparations - you can transport just about anything. No matter what the courier says.

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