How to transport a fridge

Are you going to transport a fridge? As we know, it is not an easy item to move. Check our safe and low-budget ways of transporting a fridge.

Due to a special size and weight, moving a refrigerator can be a challenge. That is why, most people decide to hire a moving company to take care of the issue. It is definitely the safest way. However, if you own a large car and willing to do it on your own – here are ways that make it easier.

How to prepare a fridge for a transport – step by step:

  1. Remove food and liquids from the fridge.
  2. Turn it off and defrost.
  3. Separate the fridge from the components such as: shelves or egg holders. Pack them carefully in extra cardboard box.
  4. Secure the fridge from uncontrolled opening using strings or sellotape.
  5. Pay attention to the fridge corners. Secure them with the styrofoam.
  6. Cover the fridge with bubble wrap or blanket for extra protection.

Moving the fridge

Remember that this is not a one-man job. It is important to carry the item upright. The fridge should be hold from both sides. It would be helpful to use hand trolley. After placing the refrigerator in the car, fasten it with special belts to prevent any movement during the transportation.

shipping fridge hand trolley

Hand trolley would be helpful during fridge transportation.

If you decide to hire a transport company, make sure that their service includes loading. It will eliminate the stress and protect your back from the heavy lifting.

After the transportation

When you reach the destination point, do not turn on the fridge until (at least) 12 hours after the arrival. It is a common and useful recommendation given by the producents of household appliances.

How much does it cost?

If you want to ship fridge using transport services the easiest way is to list your item at a transport marketplace, such as It is free. After that, your will get attractive offers from moving specialists. The cost of the shipment depends on the size, measures and the distance that has to be covered by the transport provider.

Here are some offers for international fridge transportation. The price is an average £60-£100:

London, England – Głubczyce, Poland (1587.00 km)

Price:   £80

Schwäbisch Hall (Germany) – Gostynin (Poland) (999,60 km)

Price:   £60  

Find the most attractive price for yourself by clicking button below:




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